Wednesday, March 26, 2008

me on the today show again...

here's my clip on the Today Show...

enjoy and if not...don't tell me!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, I may as well weigh in on Governor Elliot Spitzer as much as everyone else is. First of all, I don't see why prostitution is illegal between adults! Second of all, perhaps he and his wife had some kind of arrangement.
But mostly what a putz! How dumb can you be when you are a former Attorney General about the financial transactions.
However it does smell a little political doesn't it? The Feds investigating a bank transaction that then led them to a prostitution they were on his case originally? Well, this country is so provincial when it comes to these matters. The President of France had another family! I do think however that when men in the public, ie. pols do fool around they have got to do it with an equal. You know the old rule...don't fool around with anyone who has LESS to lose than you!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

money can't buy you....

So today they released the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. And of course I scrolled through looking for my Mr. Adequate Plus!!! Yikes! These guys (mostly guys) have money
but money cant buy them looks!
Ok, ok, that is so superficial on my part. But if you are a Billionaire, can't you find a better way to dye your hair than magenta? or corn yellow? And speaking of yellow, guys...get those teeth bleached!
I'm sure there are some lovely, philanthropic great human beings, and most of them are married anyway. The cute ones are 23 and no, I'm not that much of a "cougar." (Though I play one on the radio.)
For real, my little radio show called The Cougar Hour, which is ten minutes, is now being tested on a
station in Sacramento. I'll keep you posted on its progress.
The purpose is to make the term "cougar" older women who date younger men, less tacky and more
acceptable. We have our needs too, kids! From Mary Tyler Moore to Demi Moore, women are marrying younger the previously mentioned, 15-20 years younger! It might not work for everyone but it's
an option.
What do you think?