Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ok, DearReaders: Consumer alert! Do not be as dumb as I appeared to have been.
Somewhere, somehow I must have responded to an offer that said "free"...for the
Demon 'acaiberry' which is all the rage for dieting and detox.
At some point after the fatal move, I got some bottle, believe me I would not have paid for it, and I never opened it as I knew it was a scam. And I forgot about it.
So, when my next credit card came with a bill for $79.95 plus $2.50 for a "foreign exchange deal," I had no idea what it was for. Hmmm said I.I have no recollection of the name, Wellnesslab.
No, I don't remember charging said amount. So I called the number on the bill and no one ever came on the line....(after 20 minutes of holding to boring music and a soothing voice saying how important my call was to them.Sure it is.)
I then called the credit card company and put in a dispute.
A few minutes later I realized what it might be, so I went and dug out the bottle
and there was another name on it "Acaiberrydetox" and another phone number and I called and sure enough it was one in the same. A Free sample which turned out to be
The person in Cyprus...yes Cyprus for a Florida company maintained I had not returned it and cancelled as it said I had to or I would be billed for the whole amount.
I thought it was free, said I.
Oh no, said he. Not after thirty days if you don't cancel.
Where is this written? In something at the bottom of their website which i asked to be directed to and clearly never have seen before.I looked at the site, nope, never saw it.
I cancelled now! Believe me. I cancelled!
Now, nohow no way would I have ordered from this site as it clearly looks to be just what it is, a "freebie" that turns into a life committment.
So, somewhere somehow I must have checked a box on some sight I trust and lo and behold...scammed!
So, DearReaders dont' ever check a box on a freebie and stay away from AcaiBerry...thank you berry much!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pilots are even worse!

Ok, now the have found that the pilots of the wayword plane were not sleeping. Worse!
They were on their f'ing computers!
It's bad enough to eat dinner with someone on their blackberry, to be talking to someone who is tweeting, now we have to worry about pilots on their computers?
I'd feel better if they had fallen asleep. At least that would have been an accident. This was purposeful schmuckiness.
I have had it with gadgets! Kids dont know how to read or relate to humans, they are so busy with their Wei's or however it is spelled.
Young people are unable to write a real sentence.
Now I sound like an old fart but I don't care. People, we have to do something to return to normal human contact.
I say this of course as you read my blog...oh as I would like you to do, not as I do..or something like that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok, now I'm freaking out. I just got back from Minneapolis visiting my family. Well, a few weeks ago. But tonight the news said that a flight to Minneapolis went on to Wisconsin because THE PILOTS FELL ASLEEP!!
WHAT?Are you kidding me?
The Pilots on a Northwestern flight were out of communication for over an hour and
it is "suspected" that they had fallen asleep! There is now an investigation.
Well, yeah!
The airplane consultant on ABC said that for years the pilots association has tried to make it a point that pilots need more sleep. Oy!
Now I'm really wondering if I want to take those trips I have planned.
One maybe..but both?
Maybe the Stewardesses or flight attendants or whatever should go back to sitting
on their laps as they used to do!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addie and Me

For those Dear Readers who remember my little Precious Boys from my column, I
went to visit them this weekend. And there is now a Precious Girl. These kids are
some of my cousin's grandchildren...and she let's me kind of borrow them once
and a while. They are beyond the beyond!
I know everyone thinks their kids and grandkids are the smartest and cutest.. about a 2 and 1/2 year old who when told we have the same
birthday month, gets her older cousin to make a birthday card to give to me
with her "signing" scrawl? A genius I say!! And adorable too...
And the boys...the little guy is reading up a storm..another genius and gorgeous and
his handsome, still sweet and smart, but a young man of 9!!time is flying too soon for me.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jon and Kate...get lost!

Ok, enough already. I am so sick of these two acting like children rather than
caring for their children. It's not fun anymore. This tit for tat TV appearance
trying the case in public is absolutely past the point of idiocy.
These two have got to go away!