Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addie and Me

For those Dear Readers who remember my little Precious Boys from my column, I
went to visit them this weekend. And there is now a Precious Girl. These kids are
some of my cousin's grandchildren...and she let's me kind of borrow them once
and a while. They are beyond the beyond!
I know everyone thinks their kids and grandkids are the smartest and cutest.. about a 2 and 1/2 year old who when told we have the same
birthday month, gets her older cousin to make a birthday card to give to me
with her "signing" scrawl? A genius I say!! And adorable too...
And the boys...the little guy is reading up a storm..another genius and gorgeous and
his handsome, still sweet and smart, but a young man of 9!!time is flying too soon for me.


Kristi said...

Addie is absolutely adorable! I loved reading about The Precious Boys in your column way back when. I still miss that column!

susan said...

oh thanks so much...i'll try and write a little more often, ss

Anonymous said...

the oldest is nine already? hard to believe! before you know it it'll be time to give him that car !!


susan said...

oh oh..don't remind him!!!

Anne D. said...

You're in love! :-) She is precious. Hope you get to enjoy them often.

susan said...

not often enough...i now see why parents can smother kids with attention and affection. my parents always said...they wanted to keep me 4...i understand now!