Friday, December 28, 2007

Great vacation!

Well, Dear Readers, finally no complaints from me!I had the best vacation in California. I was in LA for five days at a girlfriend's house and then two days at the beach with another one. I have nice friends. Then we went to Palm Springs to the Marriott Resort at Palm Desert. It was really amazing...a huge place with lots of lakes and swans and ducks. Many pools, great food at the restaurants and of course lots of lovely sun which I love.
In LA I did a lot of lunches and dinners with friends, five pounds worth! I'm dieting now.
Some fun parties and lots of star spottings. Dr. Phil was at a party and I told him a few things I'd wanted to get off my chest. Barry Bonds was there as well, not looking too worried. Also Joe Pesci, the anesthesiologist from Nip Tuck, Tony from Days of Our Lives, and a ton of over bleached, over botoxed, over busted blonds who were everywhere.
All in all a terrific time. Let's hope the New Year is the best for all of us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lala land again

Going to LA and Palm Springs for the Holidays...hope to get some sun and a new man wouldn't be bad! Have a happy new year and all good things. ss

Monday, December 03, 2007

boo hoo

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I...oh wait a minute that was "it's my party." well..then forget it, I'll go out and celebrate.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

a tip

One of my favorite blogger buddies tells me there is a site that allows one to vent on consumer complaints called Oh goodie...other kvetchers! thanks, anne.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

P.S. I love Kinko's

So, inspite of the nasty comment a not so Dear Reader posted, the folks at Kinko's clearly did not agree with him! In fact they were so happy I let them know of the problem (below) that they sent me huge box of the paper I'd wanted. A veritable lifetime supply!
Seriously, the excellent customer service response has made a convert and fan of me. Why I might even buy the stock. So again...squeaky wheelers...when things are not up to par, complain in a nice way and you might even improve things for others!
Now as far as anonymous blog posters...well, that's another story.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Squeaky Wheel stuff

Ok, those Dear Readers who know me, know when I get bad service from someone or a store, I don't just accept it! Uh uh. I kvetch, complain and often go right to the top! Like this morning.
I went to the neighborhood Kinko's which I hate because they are always too crowded, unhelpful, and rude. Well this time there were 10 people in line for one cashier!
All I needed was some paper and I was not going to stand in line for the questions about copying, returns, etc.
The paper was sitting right there! So I went to the Fed Ex counter and pointed to it and asked if I could buy it there. The guy, who had ignored me for a while, said "no." Why not?" You have to stand in line," he replied.
I do not do lines.
I went to another guy and asked for the Manager. He kind of ignored me and then when I asked again, he came over. Yes, he was the manager! Huh? Result of that conversation was " you have to stand in the line."
No, why don't you just open a new register? Can't do that. A woman in the line said, "it's always like this. I called the corporate office once and complained."
I stalked out.
I went home and spent about twenty minutes on the Internet finding out who the President of Kinko's's a division of Fed Ex. I called the corporate office, got his assistant and told her my complaint. She was very nice, which made me feel better already and asked if they could call me back with a follow up. Sure..
and lo and behold an hour later the District Manager called and I went through the whole story and he acknowledged they were so busy there (good for them, bad for me) and he would look into the attitude problem, see about adding some registers and send me some free paper. Steve and I are on a first name basis now.
Moral of the story...good customer relations should be rewarded with shopping there and...yes, the squeaky wheel does get the oil...or the paper, as the case may be.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy turkey

I have been a bad blogger...but keep waiting for the good news to tell you. It's going to be soon, i promise! Have a great day and be thankful for good health and friends. luv ss

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

I lvoe this little precious guys are going out as Baseball players and I am staying in as a wicked witch! luv to all the ghosts and goblins...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well kids, I'm back. With a fever and not the best of memories. Sorry to say, I am too old and almost too rich to do a tour. Too much bus time, a terrible tour leader which can make or break it. The group was fine, made some good friends as I always do. But would only go back to Spain if I were going to Marbella for a week in the sun at some fab club and then on to Barcelona. I took off from the tour there and did my own thing and called some people who knew people and that was great.
One funny thing...well more than one, but this one I"l tell you. Finally at a good restaurant with two couples we saw this stunning couple with a child. And we all said, wow..these are the first really gorgeous Spaniards we saw.
Then the next day I went to a fancy hotel on the beach and they were there...they are from Sweden!And they told me they thought I was one of the better looking 'Spaniards' they had seen. haha
All in all, good to get away but getting up for forced marches at 6:30 is not my idea of a vacation.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

You have to see it!!!

Before I left for Spain I saw THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! It's got an unfortunately dull title " Across the Universe."
It's based on Beatles music, directed by the genius, Julie Taymor. It's a combination of Hair, and the Movin On Broadway musical and an original vision of the sixties and many of our childhoods.
The most glorious photography, brilliant concept and to hear the Beatles songs in new context, sung by new voices is amazing. And it shows how extraordinary their talents were as writers.
Think I loved it? And my cousin in the Mid West who has opposite taste from me loved it. Everyone must see it!!!That's an order and my gift to you.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Off to Spain. I always liked the dark, Latin types. Let's see what happens! will let you know...bye for now.
I'd say it in Spanish, but don't know a word. Well, 'Hasta La Vista' comes to mind...but....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ok, now something lighter

Well, clearly, you all dont want to comment on serious issues!! Ah my Dear's something amusing.
The newspaper had an article about a Sudanese man who had "been forced to marry a goat after he was caught having sex with it."
And he had to pay a dowry!
No wonder women can't find enough guys.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran, cont.

Well, I just listened to the speech referred to below and all my worst fears came true.
The President of Columbia Univ. Lee Bollinger introduced the Dictator with a very strong and hostile speech. I was almost taken aback myself. It showed his courage but strangely seemed "rude and inhospitable" which is what the Dictator said later. How wierd was that?! That the truth and calling him what he was seemed like an insult. It shows how smart the guy was to come for this PR all worked to his favor.
His own speech was a rambling lofty treatise on science and the supposed search for truth. And of course then he wove in his lies.
But the questions and his avoidance yet seeming to answer was responded to by applause in the audience.
He was not a screaming lunatic which would be possibly the ONLY way it could have been detrimental to his cause. He appeared to be a reasoning intelligent man who positioned himself as an academic too and thus bonded with the kids.
If one did not know the facts, he even might come off as correct in his goals.
Then a Professor from Iran who is on the faculty was interviewed and he said it would take him a week to to undo the damage and the lies. Therein lies the danger of allowing him to come and talk. Sad and misguided under the guise of free speech.
And so it goes as it always has and we pay the price later...particularly when an unpopular war here is so mismanaged and gives him all the ammunition he needed.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Columbia...NOT "the gem of the ocean"

The invitation from Columbia University to the President of Iran is so objectionable on many fronts.
If Hitler were touring the US would they have invited him?
I realize that students (of which I was once a typical one) are by nature liberal, learning, open. And that leads them sometimes to make the wrong choices. Exposure to dictators is not a requirement to expanding their minds.
Any questions they might ask will not be answered with truth, but insane what is the point?
(How's that for a parlay...from the Emmy's to Hitler...well you can't say I'm limited in interests!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great show!!

Wow! Tonight the Emmy Show was (actually it's still on) IS amazing! Funny, good writing, great music with The Jersey Boys honoring The Sopranos, Tony Bennett and Christine Aguilara doing a duet. Terrific hosting by Ryan Seacrest and a lot of red dresses. Red must be the color this year. Fox put it on and it is very hip.'s later and now I'm pissed! James Gandalfini didn't win for his last year on The Sopranos! He was robbed. This is wrong. And if not him, then it should have been Hugh Laurie for House. (But it's still a good show.)

Still later. Ok, at least the show Sopranos won as best drama which it is and will forever be.
The taping of this Emmy Show was "in the round" which was a first and I think made it very fun and family like...if you are in the biz. I really think this was the best Emmy Show I can remember.
Let's see what the critics think...but trust me on this one. Night...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's not television...

HBO's slogan has always been "it's not tv it's HBO."
Well, now they should change it to "It's not TV it's porn!" As Linda Stassi so articulately wrote in today's NY Post, the new HBO "breakout" show entitled Tell Me You Love Me is not loveable, or even likeable, but it is hard porn..not even soft! (You'll excuse the expression.)
This hour drama about sex and marriage is disgusting and boring...a hard combo to accomplish.
Actual handjobs, intercourse and suggested oral sex with really unlikeable characters.
I'm not a prude but I wrote HBO complaining. The Sopranos will be missed!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

doo do doo do

Okay, this is wierd! I was sitting in a dentist office and a woman in the office waiting, came up to me and said "I'm a pyschic and I think you need a reading. I never do this but here is my card."
So, I immediately called one of my friends in LA who lives for this stuff and has about six of them on call and told her about it. She wanted to call her and so I let her do it as the experiment.
She said she'd gotten a lot right, her parents names etc. and other stuff no one could know, so I decided to go for it. I called and made an appointment and the pyschic asked my birthdate, city of birth, maiden name and made an appointment for next week. I called my friend and told her that it's obvious to me she is going to GOOGLE ME AND FIND OUT ALL ABOUT ME! She had our birthdate and city so she could get our parents names. But I decided to go through with it anyway.
Then today the psychic called and told me " I was going through your information and it seems you are not receptive to it, so I'm not going to take your money. I'll return your check."
I was in shock..and said I am and have had a lot of readings except one who cheated and I found out. But if she didn't want to, ok.
Then I thought, oh my god, she saw something awful and didnt want to tell me. Or she "vibed" that I said she'd google us, in which case she is amazing!!
Anyway, my friend and I talked about it and we decided I had to call her back and see what she saw.
I did and she said no, there was nothing bad, in fact I had an amazing aura and she couldn't see much to tell me. And she thought perhaps she was "meant to read my friend who had a lot to find out."
So...she changed her excuse. This is either total b.s. or she is amazing. My friend told her brother to call and have a I hope that will give us more info. This a first. Turned down by a psychic! Wierd!

Monday, September 03, 2007

It could happen...

In between watching amazing tennis this weekend, I looked at the NY Times marriage announcements as I always do.
There were two stories that were particularly hope inspiring for those of us still looking.
The first was about a couple who met when the bride emailed a complaint to a business and got a refund which was too much and emailed it back. The customer service guy was impressed and then emailed her and it turned into a relationship and now a marriage. Isn't that a great one? Honesty pays.
The second was a real "meant to be." A couple who knew each other at camp when kids, ran into each other as adults. He asked her out, she wasn't interested and already dating someone. They broke up and she went on a dating web site and this same guy who now didn't remember her, caught her eye this time. They are married. This couple was meant to be in the stars! we say, it should only happen to us...or at least me!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It appears the new neighbor has a girlfriend. The end of the story. Knew it was too good to be true!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

special delivery

I always say that I'll never meet a guy unless he rings my doorbell...that's how "lazy" I am about looking. Well, kids...guess what!?
Today I saw movers coming in next door and I knew the condo owner next to me had rented out to a "single man."
What a man! Tall, handsome, in the right age bracket...does it matter that there were two "young" women helping him move in. Let's pray they are the decorators.
I went in, introduced myself, even though I had no makeup on...foolish...and he was very nice.
Then I ran back home, set my hair, combed it out,put on some blush and some shorts and went back with a few mouse traps...well it's a welcome present.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hampton Holiday

So, all in all I had a great five days. My friends, Lil and Lennie are wonderful and have a beautiful home. Their little grandchild, Lilly was there and it was fun playing with her. Very sweet little girl with a constant smile and no tears! yay!
We ate ourselves silly at a few good restaurants, sushi in Sag Harbor, seafood at Pacific, and yes I gained five pounds. But the rhubarb pie was worth every bite.
I did a lot of walking and worked out in their gym, they have everything at that house except an extra guy.
As to the guy will love this. I'd been fixed up with a guy a month or so ago and he had called me several times. Nice enough, smart, though not attracted to him physically. But I decided I'd call him as he was in the Hamptons and see if we hit it off while hitting tennis balls. He was happy to hear from me, we made a date for Monday as I was booked up all weekend and...he never showed! Never called. And the kicker is I didn't care that much in the first place, but what about manners? Huh?
I did hit myself on the nose with my tennis racquet as I was having a lesson. Am waiting to see if it's broken or merely bruised. How's that for news?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

off to the Hamptons...

I'm off to the Hamptons for the first time this year...had to get out of the city! I hope to have a great time and will certainly let you know! bye for now...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Viva what?

Ok, now I'm losing it! One of the best Elvis songs ever was Viva Las Vegas, not that I'm prejudiced or anything because I...yes, I was in the movie, Dear Readers! I was an extra in movies while in college and I was a show girl clearly seen if you know who I am, in a pivotal scene between E and Ann Margret!
And now, the horror of it...they are using the song for, get ready...Viagra!
I swear!
I just heard this commercial with very nice looking guys playing their instruments, you should excuse the expression and then singing...'Viva..Viagra!' Stop it! Let's all complain, shall we!I'll never be able to enjoy that song again.

Friday, August 10, 2007

dogdays of summer

Dear Readers, it's too hot to think. But I have actually been doing a little business and hope to have some good news about future stuff coming end of this month! I wish things were more exciting social wise but Mr. Adequate's or even less than. What the heck is going on? Men come out of the woodwork please.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bill and Me

By the magic of the Internet, I am on it! Bill Clinton comes to Aspen every, not to see me. And this year I asked him a question and the whole thing is available for your viewing. The link is
And if you don't want to watch the whole thing, move the little timer on the left of the Big 1:03...I ask my question near the end.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

lordy it's hot!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am melting! I cannot, repeat, cannot deal with this heat. I have turned in a veg and will remain so until the next rain. Sorry, not more exciting, but...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The big wedding

So one of my best friends got married this weekend. He was 51 and it was the first one! They had been on and off for 13 years and it was such a relief for us all! I just want them to have babies already!
He said something really great at the ceremony...that it was probably best they had waited this do it right. And I believe that. If you are meant to be with someone, it'll be. No matter how long it takes.
The wedding was like a great fun party. I haven't been to one in a while.
Next It could happen!! Let's put that out into the Universe...shall we?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm backkk....

Well, Dear Readers, unfortunately I am back from Aspen. I say "unfortunately" because I was having such a great time, I didn't want to come home. But I did...first of all, my good friend is getting married. He has been a bachelor for 51 years!!! Hope springs eternal. And second, I always believe you should leave when you are still having fun. And boy did I!! No, no...nothing naughty, alas...but soooooo close!
I thought I'd start this yet again "new" phase with a new photo...taken on the set of a new web cast I be coming up soon and then I'll tell you all about it. The photog, Frank Sicilano (gee I wonder if he's Italian) took a whole lot of shots and I'm trying them out. Tell me what you think. First...a little leg....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am 35!!

Okay, it's official. When asked how old I am, I lie, when asked how old I FEEL...I say 35. But now others have stated that so it's official.
I'm in Aspen, having a ball and doing things like long walks, interesting lectures and a rock concert! Feeling very young, I was dancing to the music of an old buddy Chris Isaak, when four young..and I mean teenager type guys were talking behind me.
Well, you Dear Readers know how I hate loud talking (like on cell phones) at inappropriate moments, so I nicely asked them to keep it down.
We got to talking and it turned out they were all in their early twenties and very adorable.
They actually asked me to go for drinks with them, and I told them that was very sweet, except I could be their grandmother! True...but let's not go into details.
They were shocked...or pretended to be...and insisted I was not old enough to be their mother.
How old am I...I asked, hopefully.
35, they replied!!! Yeah, right! And they refused to believe I wasn't.
I love Aspen!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still in Aspen

Well, this is definitely the place for me! I love it here..the mountains, the clean air, the people. I had a ball at the Aspen Institute and as usual met some very brilliant and interesting people. Now am just hanging out, going to music, dance and seeing friends.
I never ever ever go out every night and day in it seems like there is always something great to do and people are extremely friendly and invite you to do things.
I met the most gorgeous guy...wait, don't get too excited. He is in his 40's and a physical therapist and I went for a treatment to him. Suffice to say I am going for another...yes he cured me already of all the aches and pains but a follow up couldn't hurt!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Perchance to dream

DearReaders, I am in Aspen and have had a major epiphany that I must share with you as I always do!
In between lectures on the brain, Shakespeare,and politics, I am meeting wonderful people, most of them couples and I think that is responsible for the dream I had last night!
I was an "extra" in the movies...which by the way I was in college at UCLA and that was my start in show biz. But more importantly, I think it was a symbol of how I am feeling...the 'extra' one in a threesome!
Now don't get me wrong, it's not sexual ...but I am feeling much more strongly than usual a very distinct urge to merge! But with a partner of my own. Maybe it's the beauty of Aspen, the clean air, the romantic walks, the fun to be had and discussions to share.
And then, even wierder, I continued the dream and into it walked my ex-husband and it was! I do not want to remarry him, but he sure represented happiness for a while and safety.
Sigh...without going to psychological on you, it is obvious that it is time to meet someone and get it over already!
The good news is that some of the couples are going to be on the lookout for that more than adequate guy and who knows..maybe they will find him and send him.
Otherwise things are great...and I'll tell you the more substantive stuff later.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye Joel

My very dear friend, the film critic, Joel Siegel passed away today. As I write this blog I remember how he had recently sent me his new film blog for my "opinion" as I was a blogger. As if he needed my advice!
Joel and I went to UCLA together and had resumed our friendship when I moved to NY in 1989.
In between his marriages of which there were a few...he'd take me out to movies and theater and we were very good if platonic friends. He would invite me to his country home and we shared a lot of laughs and then great sadness when he found out he had cancer.
Over the years he waged a valiant battle against the disease, mostly for his darling little boy Dylan.
He had waited a long time to be a dad and he was a great one.
I had just called his voice machine at Good Morning America because I hadn't heard from him when I emailed as we used to do, nor had he returned a few calls and the last time I saw him about ten days ago, he was very weak.
Then I found out he was in the hospital and passed away.
I have many memories of Joel, but that is not enough to keep me from feeling very sad and I know I will miss him forever.
Value your friends. Tell them you love them.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

bye for now

Dear Readers, am off to Aspen for a few weeks, and probably won't be blogging. But look for it in last week of July plus some fun stuff I've been doing! luv, ss

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kill the Cougar please

It is hard enough being over 40 and dating, now they want to call us "cougars?" I think not!
There is a new "reality" show on TV which puts a naive 30 year old (gorgeous by the way) tennis player into the "dating ring" with five women in their 40's...called Cougars. They were very attractive and sexy, thank god.
But he almost had a heart attack. Then upon reflection and a little nooky it seems, he changed his mind and decided age was not everything.
Then...drum roll please...they released 5 twenty something broads into the mix. The fact that they were rather dumb and bimbo like, no matter. He lit up and the cougars went into deep depression.
I shouldn't watch, but like an accident, I am drawn to it. We'll see what happens.
But please forget the animal names unless you call the 20 year olds "tadpoles!"

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Maybe I'm getting old..well, yes, I am actually. But I don't think my sensibilities have changed. I still love to laugh. I was a comedy writer. I do know what's funny. And the new hit film "Knocked Up" is not!!
Rather it is first...disgusting, nauseating, insulting, sophmoric, then funny, sometimes.
I guess I don't get it. Nor did my friend who went with me to see it with all the great expectations we had from the reviews.
I loved Judd Apatow's TV series that didn't make it, Freaks and Geeks. It was sweet and silly and real.
This may be the way really immature guys talk and act, repleat with vomiting, vagina jokes, and the F word every two seconds...but I don't want to have to see it and hear it for two hours.
The lead guy, the lovable shlub has some great comic abilities and is likeable, but the plot makes no sense at all and could have with a few little details. Like this gorgeous lead girl isn't dating, or hasn't had sex in ages...anything to set up her going to bed with this slob the first night she meets him.
And no, strangers are not allowed to go into the gynecologists office to watch the exam. Really, they're not.
But why go me it is really gross. And if you like that go, if not...don't bother!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Princes

I was never a big fan of Princess Diana. But one thing seems certain, she was a wonderful mother. The NBC interview of the two Princes, William and Harry was fascinating. These two gorgeous, charming, lovely boys who clearly loved their mother have turned out pretty great!
Well spoken, of course, drop dead gorgeous, and with delightful senses of humor, I fell in love with them both.
William is quieter, more introspective. Harry has a puckish look and obviously loves to have fun.
Incredible lives they lead and what their futures hold! She would have been proud.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Mighty Heart

I saw a preview of the new Angelina Jolie movie about the brutal murder of the Jewish journalist, Danny Pearl by jihadists. It was wonderful. She is wonderful.
The director, Michael Winterbottom, who comes from the documentary world has made a drama that feels so real you believe it's a documentary...but far from dry.
The visuals of Pakistan, the teeming, filthy,desperate place. The editing..crisp and filled with the unbearable tension of the days passing without knowing if he was alive or dead. The performances of many of the actors whom I hadn't seen before were controlled yet agonizing.
This isn't a feel good summer movie, but rather about the triumph of spirit in the worst of maybe you'll feel ok anyway! Go...see it! It's important in the world we live in.

Monday, June 11, 2007

oh noyou didn't

When I was a child, I saw a TV show called The Lady and the Tiger. For those of you who do not know the myth, there is a line up of having the safety of the Lady, the other the danger of the Tiger. The end is ambiguous about which door the person chooses.
This traumatized me! I do not like ambiguity.
The Sopranos, which I loved, loved, loved, ended with the same ambiguity...does Tony live or die. They set it up beautifully, the tension was palpable. But the end was a cop out to me.
I am going to pretend to myself that he lived.
There were lots of laughs though and the cat spooking Paulie was wonderful.
I would like to think they left it this way so maybe they could come back with a sequel. That would be great!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stress- Yes!!

Oy! Today I went for my first stress test and by the time I got there, boy was I stressed. If that sounds like a comedy was. The traffic was so awful that I had to jump out of the cab 14 blocks away from the hospital and run to get to the appointment. I don't know what was going on in NY today!? What a mess.
And, as I ran, thinking...hmmm is this the stress before the stress test, I tripped!
So to stop myself from falling, I jerked my back and hip into a pretzel and limped the rest of the way.
The stress test was fine, they told me I had the heart of a 40year old...I'd like the rest of him.
But getting buses, no cabs, more traffic!
I limped part of the way and then got a bus that was again stuck in traffic.
I took a pill and am lying on ice packs.
Living in New York can definitely be stressful, but a car with a chauffeur would help! Accepting all offers.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I went to Minneapolis to visit my precious little nephews and my jewelry was STOLEN from my checked bag on Northwest airlines!! I know I know, don't check important things, but it was costume jewelry from Paris that I loved though not the real deal and I wasn't thinking I guess.
Who the hell steals people's jewelry when going through their bags? Workers at Northwest Airlines I guess! Let's put them back into bankruptcy for good this time! I am pissed!
And as for getting a human on the phone, forget it. You have to go BACK to the airline at the airport! Yeah sure!

Thursday, May 31, 2007


I think we should all wear masks on airplanes anyway. I thought this before the lethal TB guy was outed. I never return home from a trip without some kind of cold. I'll do it if you will. I just dont want to look like I'm crazy. Being crazy is one thing, looking like it...well....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Must See TV

Everyone has to watch the HBO movie, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It was devestating. The book which I regret to say I never had read is about the Sioux people and the treatment by the American government, the horrific history.
I won't go into the political issues which some have said parallel today, but just as a former TV writer want to commend this beautifully done picture.
There was some quibble that the TV movie added a true character, an Indian boy taken by a Senator and educated and used as a symbol of assimilation, though he wasn't at this particular battle in truth. It worked as a story telling device, personalizing the tragedy.
The great Indian Chief Sitting Bull became a a court jester/clown touring with Wild Bill Cody, how tragic.
The coda is that the final "apology" by the Supreme Court for stealing their lands was never resolved as they still refuse to accept the monetary settlement and renounce their claims.
When I was a little girl in Wisconsin, there were Indians up North of the State and I always had an affinity to them. There is a picture of me around four or five years old standing next to an Indian in full dress who was I suppose the Mascot of a resort. I look a little afraid but I'd like to think in awe of him, and even then perhaps knew of the dignity of these people.
Watch it and weep.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

drink up!

Last night I had dinner at Cipriani, the famous NY restaurant that had just reopened after a long renovation. It was like a party with lots of table hopping and noise. The group next to us was a family celebrating something. There was a piece of cake for the handsome 40ish guy who was with his wife, parents and someone who turned out to be his sister.
Then we found out what they were celebrating! They had just sold their company Vitaminwater to Coke. I read in the paper today it was a 4 billion deal and they own 70%. The least they could have done was pick up everyone's check!
But seriously, it just shows you that entrepeneurs can still make it today. He put a vitamin C into his water after working out and got the idea!The sister told me she had sold the stuff from her car for years.
Good for them! But a little champagne all around would have been nice too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The bachelor is NO gentleman

Last night's finale of The Bachelor on ABC proved what I'd suspected all along. This guy who is a navy doctor and sold as the "Officer and the Gentleman" was far from it. Every week I watched him woo the lambs at the slaughter. Usually, for those of you who do not watch the show, it is a difficult line the guy has to walk, keeping 15 girls interested until he whittles it down to the final two. But there is some sense of honesty in that the guy does not tell women he "loves them" when you know he is going to dump all but the one who is left at the final rose ceremony.
This time, there were several instances when he made it seem absolutely definite that he was going to choose one or the other only to drop them. Consequently the shock and awe that hit them was huge!
And, when he got to the end, the poor girl who lost out was so right for him, his parents even saw it and the grandmother told her she was going to back her...and what did he do? Pick the other girl, who was lovely and classy as he kept I guess the gal with the tatoos wasn't.
This guy, who appeared constantly without his shirt so his 6 pack was in our faces, agonized to us, teared up as he broke heart after heart. What a phoney. I think the loser was the winner in this case.

Friday, May 18, 2007

No more classes...

An article yesterday in the paper told of the disappointment of single women who take classes to meet men. The golf lessons, the wine tasting...all sounded like a great place to me, but in truth they were filled guessed it...other women! The thought was that guys don't take lessons because ( just like refusing to ask for directions,) they think they already know! They also gave a stat that indicated in New York there are about a million more women than men over forty. If these young gals are having so much trouble, imagine what it's like for those of us of a certain age! Sigh. Well at least I don't have to go to that woodworking class now.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Me on the radio...again

I am becoming a regular (guest that is) on my favorite boomer radio show Growing Bolder. Listen at this link.
The two hosts, Mark and Bill are such great guys...much more than adequate! It is a website that features all the aspects of great ageing! I come on about 2 minutes in...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So, it's not just me!

Today in the NY Post there was a really alarming article about dating in various cities in the US. Not one seemed to be good! And these were women in their 30's talking. If it's no good for them, imagine what those of us who are of a "certain" age are facing? What is wrong? Where are all the good men? Hmmm? Let me know, please. And we'll all move there!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The search continues

All of my Dear Readers from the last two years of the column know that I have been looking for the new husband without much success. I decided to call it Mr. Adequate because The Prince does not exist and yet, truth be told, I want someone more than adequate..."no perfect" exists, I know, I know.
But I can't even meet anyone to rate! I went to two fancy parties this week, and while it was great to wear my long gowns and good jewelry, it would have been nice to at least see a prospect or two. Nada!
And when one very bright married seat mate said to me, "I can't believe you can't find anyone, " I asked him point blank: Who do you know? And he couldn't think of anyone. So you see....the search goes on. Sigh. But I did have a good time at the parties and that counts for something. Doesn't it?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

In the interest of fairness...

I watched the Republican debate and I have only one thing to say...MITT ROMNEY IS THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN I'VE EVER SEEN. That's it. Nothing political.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where's the beef?

Ok, now I've seen it all. I got a catalogue from a company I will not mention because I don't want to plug them now...even though I've liked their stuff in the past. But on the may get sick to your stomach...was a photo of Donald Trump and a huge slab of beef! Or is that redundant?
Anyway, he now has put his name on steaks! I'm not kidding. They are called "the world's greatest steaks" no less.
Please let it stop...this endless self promoting and self aggrandizement. I have indigestion just thinking about it!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

To sleep, perchance...

All of my Dear Readers from the know that I used to spend a lot of time in bed! No no...just sleeping, unfortunately. Then, a miracle happened! A new doctor suggested I go for a sleep evaluation, where they attach the little electrodes to your head and watch you sleep. A friend of mine had done it and said it was actually "interesting."
So I did it...and they found that I actually was not getting ANY restorative sleep at all. I was jumping around...well kind of restless everywhere syndrome...and they suggested I go on a med, not unlike the ubiquitous restless leg syndrome commercials on TV say...and miracle of miracles!
I am reborn! No kidding...I now jump out of bed at 8:45...I know I know you who get up at 7 are thinking "what?" But for me that is incredible..and I do not even go back to sleep as I was wont to. I now have energy and am in a much better mood...thank god for that. So if you think you might have a sleep disorder...go find out. Trust me, it's wonderful to realize you are not getting too old to get around, just were tired!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's debatable

I don't know how many people watched the first Democratic Party debate tonight, but I found it both fascinating and reassuring. There are more than one or two candidates who showed their smarts and capabilities. I won't say who I'm for...but in looking at some instant internet polling, I found these results:
Biden and Richardson made great impressions...not being in the top tier, they are not as well known. Barack did very well and demonstrated he belongs. Hillary was trying hard to keep her voice mellow. No comment.
But more importantly, I hope people listen to all the debates. It's only our lives at stake. Repubs next time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well, tonight Heather Mills was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. Not important in the big scheme of things but I'm happy nonetheless. She is really tough to take. So full of herself it's scary and though she showed that people with disabilities can accomplish things, which is great, she is not the role model she wants us to think she is! We know the truth, don't we, Beatles Fans...even those who liked George the best, such as moi.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

i have to say it

I know I'm usually amusing and dealing with fun things...but I have to say this and then it will be over. This horrible Virginia Tech incident should be proof positive that the "gun control" methods we have are not working. What is wrong with the powers that be that are so cowed by the gun lobby...which by the way is small in number...and 60plus% of Americans want better control! Come on Dems...get some guts and work to save more innocents. As to those dimwits who have said "well if all the students had had their own guns it wouldnt have happened." Are you out of your minds? Do you want to live in the OK Corral?

Friday, April 20, 2007

lala land

My week in LA was really good. I always complain about the vapidness of the place, but let me tell you a little sun, a convertible, the beach and good tennis make up for a lot! All in all I had a great trip this time.
Star sightings: went to lunch at the Grill which is a Bev Hills hot spot and saw a really big blond in a small tight dress, muscular thighs...and cheekbones that could cut you. Nicolette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives.
Went to visit a soap opera...don't ask. I had this crush on a young stud who reminded me of my grade school boyfriend and a good friend of mine knew the exec producer and took me to meet him. Very sweet, but sometimes it's better to leave fantasies as fantasies.
Had two business meetings with exciting projects possible...let's keep our fingers crossed Dear Readers.
And...ran into an old date who is actually single and we set up something for New York. Fingers really crossed this time.
P.S. I went back to and did a guest diary column about the trip...hint: Lucy and Ethel take a bath. You will laugh! That's an order.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


With all the truly terrible things happening in the world, sad and devestating, perhaps a little lightness is not only ok, but necessary. Tonight was the night...for Sanjaya to go! American Idol watchers, and like me..voters for Blake, Chris, Jordan... finally got rid of this poor kid. I must say he had tremendous poise to put up with the abuse of Simon who really was a little too mean to the guy. And he still gets to tour and has become a teen age idol ala Michael Jackson, without the kiddie trouble, I hope! All distraction, and we need it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What happens in Vegas...

...gets told to you, Dear Readers! I had a great time in Vegas! The clock seems to stand still and day blends into night. Three days there and it feels like you've been away for a month!
I had to get up at 6 a.m. to make my plane so that whole first day I was cranky...that plus the bags delayed, missing connecting with my friend whose plane was an hour late...and the fact that the room was not ready at the Wynn Hotel for THREE COUNT 'EM THREE HOURS for check-in. I was not a happy camper.
But the second day I awoke deciding to try "The Secret"...which is to say envision happy times and abundance and I did receive! Won hugely...well for me, $100 on a three dollar investment in the 'ungettable' tickets for Josh Groban on his one night there...and great seats too...and in general having a fab day.
The weather, food, and shopping were all good.
And I even won again at the slots at the airport. So...I went on to LA $5 richer than when I arrived. Hey...
it's all in how you look at it. That's my new secret.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm not making it up...

Those of you who used to read my column, The Search For Mr. Adequate, know that I have always maintained it's much easier for a guy to find a girl than the reverse. It's a numbers game and age plays a factor. To prove my point, herewith two items from the news. That's the real news, not the Comedy Central version.
1. A man in Saudi Arabia has just taken a second wife, not a rare thing there, right? Except that he is 110years old! And the new wife is...are you ready... 30! The 85 year old first wife was too tired to have sex with him.
2. The world's tallest man who is 7'9" married a woman half his age who is 5'6". I do not even want to have a picture in my mind of them having sex. But hey...good for him. He seems like a nice guy.
ANY MAN CAN GET A WOMAN...ANY MAN. I rest my case.
And I rest it as I go to Las Vegas to see if the odds are any better...and then on to old stomping grounds of LA and will report in when I get back. Keep your fingers crossed for my luck. A huge slot machine payoff would be nice...and yes, Mr. More than Adequate would be even nicer.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

joel siegel says...

"Yes, funny. I think I laughed harder than Talladega Nights. John Heder at his Napoleon Dynamite best and Will Farrell just dynamite. The comic premise is as old as comedy writing: get people who hate each other and force them to live together. What is so smart about Blades of Glory is what they come up with to make Heder and Farrell interact. They're banned from competing in men's singles BUT there is no rule to keep two men from competing in pairs skating.
And, yes, Susan laughs very loudly at movies (which troubles me at serious critics' screenings -- we don't want the other critics to know if a movie is funny or not; we're a bit competitive that way) and this time it was OK because it was a wide-open screening, lots of civilians, and I don't think I've heard her laugh harder than she did at the Iron Lotus routine. By the way did you know the Hollywood gossip on Farrell is that......he's the nicest guy in the world? And I am much older than Susan. Who was born on February 29th."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

heads up...

One of the perks I have with being friends (since college, even though I'm somehow much much younger) with a famous film critic, is going to screenings. Therefore, I was able to tip the Dear Readers off to Borat, which you know is my favorite comedy of all time. Second in laughs, at least, was Talladega Nights, which proved to me that I have the sense of humor of a pre pubescent boy! But Will Ferrell makes me laugh, what can I do?
My friend the ABC Good Morning America critic, Joel Siegel, took me to all of these and now, the other night we saw the new Will movie...Blades of Glory. It spoofs figure skating and is kind of a combo of Zoolander meets Talladega.
I laughed a lot...but not as much as the other two films. Every famous real figure skater was doing a cameo and the only easy joke missing was the famous Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding moment.."Why? Why?"
But I do recommend it a bonus, Joel will give you his opinion on this very blog!

Friday, March 23, 2007

up and at 'em

Well, you Dear Readers from the old days (The Search For Mr. Adequate) know that I like to stay in bed. Well, it's not as exciting as it sounds...anyway, when invited to get out, I do. And my new best friend Chuck Nyren who is a specialist in advertising to Baby Boomers (his blog is therefore called: called me and invited me to a magazine conference sponsored by a European Publisher with lots of mags called "Plus." Now that could mean for chubettes, but it doesn't.
It is for Boomers, mainly from the Netherlands but in Spain, Brussels, France too. So I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed in an appropriately business like pants outfit but with four inch heels...don't ask, and I went into the world of business around 49th and Broadway. No no no..not that kind of business.
Anyway, it was very interesting and I was presented in Chuck's presentation, I didn't get up early enough to hear it, but they heard about me. I guess I was representative of Boomer aged gals who should be listened to, but often are not in this age of ageism. I agree. Everyone should listen to me. And pay me!
They were a very nice bunch and we had lunch (oh that rhymes) at the famous Oyster Bar in Grand Central. Leave it to foreigners and my friend Chuck from Seattle to take me to a landmark in NY.
A lot of interesting aspects of marketing to Boomers were discussed and the bottom line is that we in America are actually behind the curve in selling to this huge age group and, also, revere anything to do with age a lot less. They seem to take care of their elders a lot better. We are a young and still brash place folks, let's get with it!

Monday, March 19, 2007

When he's sixty four...

Now that Paul McCartney has reached his song's age, he has to be really pisssed off that SHE who shall be nameless is trying to remake her image by Dancing with the Stars! The nerve of her. I think we should call ABC and say 'put her in a yellow submarine.'' Help!' Etc. Etc. etc...all Beatle's songtitles that pertain.

Tonight everyone will watch to see if her leg falls off as she so coyly hinted in trying to stir up sympathy. Not from me with her head, I say.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

me on the radio

If you read the prior blog you'll get an idea of what I'm doing and I promised I'd link the radio show if it turned out! Well, it did...kind of. But you'll tell me, won't you? I'm going to give you an address in a link (I actually figured how to do it!) and if you want to hear me, go into the first segment and move the little timer on the left of the "radio" to:
15 minutes 20 seconds into the show, where I begin.
Then I"m in all three segments and now I want my own show!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am restarting the blog and welcome new readers as well as my wonderful Dear Readers who were regulars on the site. From time to time, in other words, not every day but a few times a week, I will be writing stuff here. The subject matter is wide open: politics, show biz, what's going on in the world and in my life. For the Dear Readers of The Search For Mr. Adequate, it will show perhaps a little broader picture of my search and I always want to hear back from you.
I am exploring a lot of new avenues...have been doing radio shows and will put a link in soon so you can listen to the last one I did, where I co hosted something called The Lady and the Champ. The "Lady" in question was Lady Chablis the famous "gal" from Midnight in the Garden fame. I took her/his place and I'm not sure what that bodes for me but it was really fun.
There is a Boomer Site that wants me to do a video dating segment for them and I'll keep you posted on how that is going. I'm writing a magazine piece and there are lots of interesting things in the future.
And all my web savvy friends are trying to explain to me how set one up and get into the 21rst century.
I will have one of them set up the Archive for all the Search Diaries so you can catch up if you missed any, or start them if you're a new reader. So, please come by and keep in touch.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Meyer

I know it's been a long while between blogs but the Oscars brought me back! The Boredom! The Boredom! I am now watching the Italian musician who won a special award talking in Italian with Clint Eastwood trying to translate. Pleeze!!

This whole show is embarrassing, without any pizzaz, silly, self congratulating inside baseball for the industry and Ellen stinks! Sorry, because I like her but not for this. Jerry Seinfeld's two minutes were funnier than she has been all night and are probably serving as an audition for next year. Give him the job! I love Philobus as a dance troup but they are doing little more than shadow handpuppets behind this screen...oh wait, Ellen actually did handpuppets thinking it was cute. It is in kindergarten. The endless compilations: writers tearing paper out of typewriters, (yes, it's nice they honor writers and I was one of them but let's watch paint dry next year),showing every foreign film ever made,little featurettes of ridiculous things like sound "performers" making noises...what were the Producers thinking?

It is now after eleven and nothing interesting has happened except that Alan Arkin won the award for best supporting which probably should have gone to Djimon Honseau but was to have gone to Eddie Murphy. I am thrilled for Jennifer Hudson but Beyonce is not a good enough actress to fake being happy for her. Pan's Labyrinth was a huge disappointment to me though it seems to have won a ton of technical awards. And excuse me, yes Helen Mirren is a great actress but constantly being referred to as so hot, so sexy...Huh? I guess if women over 50 get naked enough...I am now tearing my clothes off...but just from frustration.

Jack Nicholson looks like Daddy Warbucks, Faye Dunaway looks embalmed, Meryl Streep, a fab actress, looks like she is going to do fortune telling after the evening is over. And when oh Lord, when will it be over?
And I know Ellen does not like to wear skirts but how about silky flowing pants...what's with the corduroy AND TENNIES! OK, OK, it's velveteen. Stop me before I kill again...I can't take it anymore.

Good night and good luck..yes George Clooney is still gorgeous. me.