Monday, June 18, 2007

The Princes

I was never a big fan of Princess Diana. But one thing seems certain, she was a wonderful mother. The NBC interview of the two Princes, William and Harry was fascinating. These two gorgeous, charming, lovely boys who clearly loved their mother have turned out pretty great!
Well spoken, of course, drop dead gorgeous, and with delightful senses of humor, I fell in love with them both.
William is quieter, more introspective. Harry has a puckish look and obviously loves to have fun.
Incredible lives they lead and what their futures hold! She would have been proud.

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AnneD said...

I agree, Susan. Lovely young men. They have her spirit and kindness, apparently, with some of their father's gravity -- especially William in the later case.

I am visiting your blog after some weeks' absence, so pardon the sudden flood of comments! We are busy moving to the house with the bay views.