Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I just got back from Israel!

Dear Readers, I've just taken one of the best trips of my life! I'd been to Israel
a few times in the past, but then had many other places I wanted to see. And to be honest, I was a little afraid to go due to the threats of terrorism.
Boy was I wrong!
I went with a group called The Friends of the Israel Defense Force. It helps the soldiers in various ways and it was the most well run, exciting, fabulous experience I ever could have wanted.
Sometimes when you go with groups, as I do, you get a nice group but a badly run tour, or the opposite. Well this had everything!
Super planning with incredible stops at army, navy, airforce bases and real quality time with the kids. An interim two days at a spa...soldiers and massages..what could be better?? Plus all the usual historic and fascinating tourist stops that people of any faith can appreciate.
And as for danger...nothing! I felt as safe walking the streets as I do in NY...maybe safer.
In Israel, this tiny country, everyone is compelled to serve for 3 years when they become eighteen. Boys and GIRLS! The girls do a lot of specific interesting work at the screens looking for infiltrators across the borders and most of the air controllers are women too.Therefore, everyone is in the same boat and the kids are extremely mature and given incredible responsibility for the safety of their country.
(I feel that most of us in America don't give enough attention or support to our
brave girls and boys who volunteer.Plus they are sent far away and are really on their own.We could learn something from the Israelis in this regard to their kids.)
In Israel, everyone knows can drive the country in a few hours...and
therefore the kids are everyone's kids..and they are given great respect, care and
after care.
I have a couple of American friends there whose kids are in the service and they told me one night a son was on guard duty and his walkie talkie failed. So he called his Dad on the cell phone and they "kept him company" all night!Amazing. I can't imagine how difficult it is for the parents...anywhere.
But in Israel they are guarding and fighting in their own neighborhoods. They are
faced with a stress level that is awesome and they are patriotic in a way that is
Another guy on the trip and I decided to become "parents" by adopting a soldier and sending him to college. The kids who are not financially equipped in Israel can't all get GI Bill type help, their resources aren't enough,so organizations like Friends of the IDF step in and help. And the kids are asked to do 130 hours of community service as well as serve in the military!
I cant wait to get the photo of my soldier/student and look forward to returning next year and meeting him in person.
I'm attaching a link that will show my trip and me...with some of the these kids.

Monday, November 16, 2009

not so fast...

Well, Dear Reader, I am still trapped into the AcaiBerry Scam! I returned from my blog...and there was another package of the dreaded acaiberrydetox!!!
Of course the box wasn't marked or labeled in any way so I had to open it and even though I had last blog..etc. there it was again.
Again I called the phone and no one answers, went on the web site with "instant chat,no waiting" guess what..I'm still waiting.
And worst..Visa/Master card tells me I have to CHANGE MY CARD TOTALLY to get rid of them. American Express, I hear, would do it for me.
Guess what my next two calls are!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ok, DearReaders: Consumer alert! Do not be as dumb as I appeared to have been.
Somewhere, somehow I must have responded to an offer that said "free"...for the
Demon 'acaiberry' which is all the rage for dieting and detox.
At some point after the fatal move, I got some bottle, believe me I would not have paid for it, and I never opened it as I knew it was a scam. And I forgot about it.
So, when my next credit card came with a bill for $79.95 plus $2.50 for a "foreign exchange deal," I had no idea what it was for. Hmmm said I.I have no recollection of the name, Wellnesslab.
No, I don't remember charging said amount. So I called the number on the bill and no one ever came on the line....(after 20 minutes of holding to boring music and a soothing voice saying how important my call was to them.Sure it is.)
I then called the credit card company and put in a dispute.
A few minutes later I realized what it might be, so I went and dug out the bottle
and there was another name on it "Acaiberrydetox" and another phone number and I called and sure enough it was one in the same. A Free sample which turned out to be
The person in Cyprus...yes Cyprus for a Florida company maintained I had not returned it and cancelled as it said I had to or I would be billed for the whole amount.
I thought it was free, said I.
Oh no, said he. Not after thirty days if you don't cancel.
Where is this written? In something at the bottom of their website which i asked to be directed to and clearly never have seen before.I looked at the site, nope, never saw it.
I cancelled now! Believe me. I cancelled!
Now, nohow no way would I have ordered from this site as it clearly looks to be just what it is, a "freebie" that turns into a life committment.
So, somewhere somehow I must have checked a box on some sight I trust and lo and behold...scammed!
So, DearReaders dont' ever check a box on a freebie and stay away from AcaiBerry...thank you berry much!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pilots are even worse!

Ok, now the have found that the pilots of the wayword plane were not sleeping. Worse!
They were on their f'ing computers!
It's bad enough to eat dinner with someone on their blackberry, to be talking to someone who is tweeting, now we have to worry about pilots on their computers?
I'd feel better if they had fallen asleep. At least that would have been an accident. This was purposeful schmuckiness.
I have had it with gadgets! Kids dont know how to read or relate to humans, they are so busy with their Wei's or however it is spelled.
Young people are unable to write a real sentence.
Now I sound like an old fart but I don't care. People, we have to do something to return to normal human contact.
I say this of course as you read my blog...oh as I would like you to do, not as I do..or something like that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok, now I'm freaking out. I just got back from Minneapolis visiting my family. Well, a few weeks ago. But tonight the news said that a flight to Minneapolis went on to Wisconsin because THE PILOTS FELL ASLEEP!!
WHAT?Are you kidding me?
The Pilots on a Northwestern flight were out of communication for over an hour and
it is "suspected" that they had fallen asleep! There is now an investigation.
Well, yeah!
The airplane consultant on ABC said that for years the pilots association has tried to make it a point that pilots need more sleep. Oy!
Now I'm really wondering if I want to take those trips I have planned.
One maybe..but both?
Maybe the Stewardesses or flight attendants or whatever should go back to sitting
on their laps as they used to do!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addie and Me

For those Dear Readers who remember my little Precious Boys from my column, I
went to visit them this weekend. And there is now a Precious Girl. These kids are
some of my cousin's grandchildren...and she let's me kind of borrow them once
and a while. They are beyond the beyond!
I know everyone thinks their kids and grandkids are the smartest and cutest.. about a 2 and 1/2 year old who when told we have the same
birthday month, gets her older cousin to make a birthday card to give to me
with her "signing" scrawl? A genius I say!! And adorable too...
And the boys...the little guy is reading up a storm..another genius and gorgeous and
his handsome, still sweet and smart, but a young man of 9!!time is flying too soon for me.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jon and Kate...get lost!

Ok, enough already. I am so sick of these two acting like children rather than
caring for their children. It's not fun anymore. This tit for tat TV appearance
trying the case in public is absolutely past the point of idiocy.
These two have got to go away!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New TV Season

It's Wed.. night and I'd been looking forward to 2 new sit-coms that I'd read about
and seen previews on. One is everything it's tauted to be and more..the other leaves
a lot to be desired.
"Modern Family" is the single funniest show I've ever seen! Honestly. A few regular
big laughs (I require at least 3 a half hour to score it A)and one hysterical fall out of bed gag that is brilliant and A-plus.

The show is about an extended family, one gay couple, one older man with a younger
wife and one typical over extended yuppie parented, kid over programmed group.
Great writing, terrific performances among them Ed ONeill from Married with Children,
and a few hitherto unknown guys playing the gay couple who are really terrific.
One of the creators is Chris Lloyd from a lot of great other shows and Steve Levitan
who has good credits also. They really deliver. Watch it. You'll thank me.

The other show...created by Bill Lawrence who did Scrubs, one of my favorites,
doesn't score with 'Cougar Town.'

Being a 'cougar,' a woman who dates younger men, is something I am not uh...unfamiliar with. The show could have been good if it had been less "on the nose." That is, every sort of stereotypical negative concept of such a woman is hit over the head in the character of Courtney Cox. It is kind of embarrassing. She is so overloaded with shtick and bad habits that I really feel for her.

The other characters are a little bit better conceived, but the sex jokes are too much and too horny. Does the word 'desperate' sound familiar? I might give it one more time just because it is a show that I should have written and would have liked to sellif I were still in the biz...and I'm a glutton for punishment.

I watched five minutes of 'Eastwick' from the movie Witches Of...and so far...ick!
It has a Desperate Housewives voice-over and reaches for humor...and doesnt get it.
If it gets better I'll let you know next time. But hearing words "yeast infection" lets me know that I shouldn't hold out a lot of hope. Yuck AND ick!

"Dancing with the Stars" is a huge yawn this season and as for Tom Delay otherwise
known as The Hammer or the Exterminator in Congress...where's a good rodent killer
when you need him? The answer...dancing!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm encouraged...

I now read both the obituaries and the wedding announcements on Sunday. (Actually to be
clear, I read the obits every day, but that's another column.)
In today's wedding pages, among the usual couples and the gay couples, there was a new addition. An old couple!
She is 75 and he is 77.
Her photo was alone, none of him. But I won't read into that. She is smiling like the cat who ate the canary. And I don't blame her one bit. You go girl!
Among all the 30 somethings and twenty kids...too young I'm afraid to really know who they are let alone who they should marry, there are rarely people over 50 getting married.
Since, as I say frequently I am "between 50 and death" that always depresses me.
I love reading the stories of how they met and sometimes broke up and got back together again. How they conducted long distance relationships. But in the end, they knew they
had met "the one." How their parents actually introduced them. Well, that's one I
don't identify this point. Although my mother could be up in Heaven looking around for me.
So now, this older couple, without much detail, but hey...they do wind up together. I just wish there had been some tips how in the hell did they meet? Where? Were they fixed up?
But I wish them all the best! I have a lot riding on this one...mostly hope for myself!
Yet, I'd rather meet "HIM" now...while we can still move around more easily!Get busy, Mother!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

thank u laura bush

I always liked Laura Bush. We may have been in different political parties,
but she was a lovely, classy First Lady. And once again, she has done the
right thing.
She came out today in favor of President Obama's speech to school children.
Well...duh! How sad it is that she had to do so.
What is wrong with people these days? If the President can't make a speech
to kids about staying in school, why even have a President?
If we have so little respect for the office, why not just run amock...with hate
speech and talk radio running things and telling us what to think.
Is the Right so hysterical that we cant even have a tradition...which is what
it is for the President to talk to kids...continue because they are so afraid of
It gives credence to the thought that because he is Black, maybe they can't
accept him in the office.
Newt...never one of my favorites...has come out against the hysteria and
recommended the speech.
We should be up in arms over this attempt at delegitimizing Barack Obama.
Enough is enough! Elections have meaning or they don't. Which is it?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I have two photos of myself and Teddy Kennedy displayed in my house. One is the usual, standing next to him at a fundraiser, and the other is different. I'm laughing and so is he and I have my hand on his chest. I don't remember why or what we were saying but it is a great picture.
I really didn't know him, but just had met him briefly. But I feel so sad this weekend, watching
the days of mourning.
I've learned so much about him as a man. I had no idea of his kindness, his perpetual caring for others, his ability to make everyone a friend.
So much had been written about his larger than life, often troubling aspects. But they pale in
comparison to the successes of his life, his ability to live and enjoy life, even with tremendous tragedy.
I remember being in college when JFK was killed, and where I was when I heard. I remember
my then husband waking me at night to tell me Bobby had been shot, and sleepily saying "no, that happened in 1963." The cliche "end of an era" fits here more than most.
I also think how fortunate they were, this huge family to have each other. As an only child, I can
only envy their experiences shared in good times and bad.
As political foes remembered their friendship with him, I wonder why cant every politician behave as he did. Fight hard for what they believe and then be a human, decent person afterward.
It makes me sick the way politics is conducted these days. Indeed the end of an era.

Monday, August 17, 2009

me on the radio with 2boomerbabes

I'll attach the link...i start at the 33 minute mark...
Since I think of myself as the REAL boomerbabe,I was suprised to meet this great team
of gals at the Bookfair.
They asked me to guest on their very successful show and we agreed not to sue each
other for the name!

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Whoops...caps in emails are the equivalent of yelling, I'm told. So I'll stop
if they will. They, being TV talk shows,pitchmen and disruptive "constituents"
attending town meetings.
I got the to the point where everytime Billy What's His Name started pitching
whatever product at a decibel level enough to bring down a building, I would
turn off the sound. Now I know you aren't supposed to talk badly about the
dead, but when he passed away, the first thing I did was call a friend and say
now we can watch commercials again!
But he wasn't alone. The group gaggle of Sunday morning talk shows had
long been yelling at each other, just as the extreme pundits of both parties
would talk over each other...same result...a headache!
But now these "voters" are storming the townmeetings where believe it
or not, our Representatives of government are attempting to explain
complicated issues and yes...hear our response. This is wrong because
these (usually) rightwing verbal terrorists are making communication
impossible and it's pissing me off!
There are memos which have put out talking, or should I say "YELLING"
points, and this is not what democracy is supposed to be about.
So...stop the yelling! Start the listening!YOU HEAR ME?

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette

Ok, first I can't believe I'm watching the damn show again, in the first place.
Second I can't believe I'm making comments on it.
Actually I'm too lazy to go through the sign up on the ABC TV Message
Board and I have to vent somewhere. we go!
This show stinks! For those of who you who have a life...the girl who is
the Bachelorette is a nice girl with a nice body, not that pretty...and
clearly a little insecure.
I mention that because she requires that each of the guy's fall in love
with her and tell her numerous times!And we have to hear about it
over and over and she and the guys have to articulate the same
bull ten times an hour! Boring!
At the end, she lets the really cool guy go and picks another one...
a guy who is handsome and really crazy about her.
Plus the poor guy had to undergo the incredible indignity of
not being able to "perform" on their first "sleepover!"Aand
all of America knowing it! But the second time he could...thank god.
But...he is an "8"...and the other guy was a "10!"
She however is an "8" as well and like feels comfortable with like.
She mentioned numerous times that the first guy had always been the
"dumper" not the "dumpee"...and she obviously was scared to pick him.
This particular season, has been filled with 'dramatic' surprises etc etc .
and clearly is fixed. Drawn out for ratings and our emotional rollercoaster
ride is now over.
I dont want to hear the word "journey" and people spilling their feelings
to total strangers ever again!
I hope I never watch this show again. But...I can't promise.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

Of course I watched it, along with zillions of others around the world and I'm so happy
to report that it was a beautiful,tasteful and appropriate event.
In spite of the insanity of the press coverage, the family pulled off a classy affair and
it was very sad to see the beautiful children mourning. It was interesting for me to
see the family...all those brothers united in uniform and feeling and the closeness which
makes me realize it's no fun being an only child, inspite of the fractious moments a
large family goes through.
Brooke Shields was especially meaningful in humanizing they were two
little kids thrust into the spotlight. And she remains one of the most gorgeous women.
The songs, the film clips, the speeches..except for Al Sharpton, but what else is new...
all were lovely memories and uplifting.
Good job Jackson Family. Goodbye Michael.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Gov. Palin

Newsflash: I just saw Sarah Palin morph into Irwin Corey! Remember him? the old
guy who talks double talk? Huh? What?
I think she just resigned because..? something about fish floating.
She totally rambled and was incredibly wierd. But then I always
thought she was a joke.
Maybe now she'll just go away. But on the other hand, as a Democrat...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

On Michael Jackson

What is wrong with us that we have given his passing
more press than JFK's?
Great performer, possible pedophile, definitely disturbed...ok. I got it.
Stop printing, broadcasting, talking about him.
There is a very difficult world out there and it has kept going and
we should be paying more attention!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do Cry For Me, Argentina!

I just watched the most bizarre performance and I mean peformance by the Gov.
of S. Carolina admitting that instead of hiking he was "f---ing!"
Huh? Wierd.
I am not suprised by infidelity. I am not surprised by politicians admitting
to it, but what was that?
This guy was obviously having a meltdown, starting with not taking the money
due his state from the Federal Govt.
And then, he makes up a cockamamie...excuse the expression...story about
going to the Appalachian's to clear his head when he went to Argentina to clear
his pipes.
All the tearing up and the quoting Godliness was such a case in hypocrisy and I
would have respected him more..well, not really, but I would have been happier
seeing a statement read by him that stated the facts, a resignation from office and
back to the family to work things out however they chose to.
What was this mea culpa camera show? As we used to say in high school...
I think we've all become too much involved with each other's lives on TV.
Get off the stage Gov. And Jon and Kate too! As for Perez Hilton...well...
he deserved a sock in the eye. A bully got bullied.
Let's pay attention to worthwhile things for a while, shall we?

Monday, June 22, 2009


I know it's only a reality show...but the impending divorce of Kate and Jon.. (of
Jon and Kate Plus 8)really saddens me. It's amazing how attached one gets to
"characters" in a TV show. I think it was the kids that got to me. I'd grown to adore
this family and though Kate was always a nag, she is inherently smart and a
good mother and I think very honest in assessment of what went wrong and
her mea culpa. Jon, is a lot of guys, not a good communicator and
makes it hard to see what he is feeling. I think he was just too immature to
have all this fame and responsibility. But I know they love the kids and frankly the
money they earned from the show will give them a good future...if not as happy
a one as they had hoped. It feels like it happened to someone I know! Faux
intimacy perhaps, but maybe not.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ok, I'll admit it...

Though it's really so unimportant it barely matters, I will
always acknowledge an error when I make one!
A few posts ago I ragged on "I''m a Celebrity, get me out of Here!"
It is a fairly inane reality show which strands C listers in the
Well, I've been sick a few days and though I have great books
to read, I've taken the easy way out and just zoned out on TV.
This show is on every night..that's another discussion as to why...
but I've watched a little more and now that the obnoxious
couple (you know who and like Valdermort I will not speak their
evil names to give them life) that they are gone, the
remaining players are bonding as they go through these really
awful adventures replete with bugs and other creatures.
And what I do like...a saving how they bond!
They are really opening up to each other and developing
real feelings...I know it sounds impossible, but think of yourself
in camp.
Or if you've traveled on a group tour, by the end you are weeping
and swearing to be best friends forever. Sometimes you even
follow up and become so.
Relationships are the most important things in life and I like
seeing them develop and maybe it's because I value my own
friends so much, or because I was an only child, that it's
cool to see others engaged with each other.
Or maybe I'm just sick of being sick and need a drink!
Or a hug!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

brief dating hint

If you are on an Internet dating site and you are a not pick a
name that ends in "ster" "robster", "rickster" get the idea.
One has to imagine you calling yourself in the third person "The
Old Tedster"!
Do not go there.
Promise me.

Monday, June 01, 2009

No...get ME out of there!!

There is a reality or should I say "fakeality" show on TV tonight called
"I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here." I am going to perform magic
and review the show without seeing it!
I cannot watch this drivel. I, who watch everything reality from
Jon and Kate to The Dog...and vote on most shows where our vote
makes a difference...I will not and cannot watch that show.
Even I have my limits! And besides, The Bachelorette is on at the
same time.
The premise is they leave D list celebs or celeb-think- they-ares in some
South American jungle and watch them fall apart.
The long haired awful singer kid from Idol, the old former Supermodel
who is virtually make of plastic now, and the obnoxious couple of
some other quasi-reality who have really gotten on people's nerves are
among the cast.
And...wait for will not believe it, or maybe you will, the wife of the
indicted Governor from a Mid West State...(I'm not giving these people
any name recognition as my own little rebellion) ...she who is known
for having a foul mouth and putting up with his taking his
place since the Court wouldn't allow him to go.
Please not watch this junk. Perhaps the jungle will
take it's justice and give them all diseases which are not easily
gotten over.
The "hook" this year is that the watching public can "vote them plagues"
of various sorts, but even that is not intruiging enough to me.
And as for the Governor's wife stooping to doing this garbage,
well if you are still married to him, your judgement is highly
suspect anyway, isn't it?
The only saving grace and I mean the that Paris Hilton
is not among 'em.
I guess we can be thankful for small favors.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye bye Jay...

To continue the comments on the inconsequential news of the day...did anyone else
cringe at the final Jay Leno Tonight Show with guest, new host, Conan O' boy- is -he- not- funny?
I happen to really like Jay and felt he was so uncomfortable about having to give up
his seat before he was ready!
And Conan, who has never made me laugh, was rather arrogant about claiming it.
They did the obligatory praise of each other but neither was sincere and if Conan
shakes his unruly red mop one more time in that tic of his, well...I dont' plan on watching
him anyway. A lucky say the least.
Jay will do just fine in the earlier slot and Jimmy Kimmel is funnier than all of them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jon &Kate plus 8 and me

The newest tabloid story bombarding us is the marriage of the couple on
the reality show," Jon and Kate Plus 8." They have a set of lovely girl twins
and then had sextuplets...three of each gender.
I had not watched the show or known anything about them until
the rumors of infidelity etc. came on everywhere it seemed.
So on Saturday, after I did my sun on the terrace and my walk
around the resevoir, I collapsed into bed and turned on what
turned out to be a marathon of the series documenting this
incredible family. I was addicted, although it doesn't take much.
What a great show! What an adorable well behaved family. And they
dont even have full time help. Just some volunteer friends.
It is amazing to watch the constant motion and noise of eight kids
and also to see each of their little personalities growing.
They are quite a handful of course. But Kate and Jon have
it down to a science.
So I got this megadose of them and now I see how the dynamic
of their marriage deconstructed.
She nags him. All the time. She treats him as one of the kids.
He sort of stoicly takes it, but perhaps this is why he strayed....
if he did actually stray.
He's a good father and pitches in as well as having a full time job.
She has got to lighten up on him!
I want this family to stay together. I want this
marriage to work.
So Kate, you are a fabulous mother and someone I'd like to
be friends with...good sense of humor, smart and organized.
But you have got to start cutting Jon some slack!
You have an extraordinarily hectic life and it would take its
toll on any marriage, but are making it really
Monday is the premier of the new season in which they promise
to deal with the reality of the relationship. Even if it means
stopping the series to get your marriage it.
This family must be saved!

Friday, May 22, 2009


There was a letter in the NY Post on Tuesday castigating Farah Fawcett for her documentary.
It was signed, Susan M. Silver! That's not me!! I am Susan A.,..but I don't use my
middle name.
Some wierd guy called me this morning to tell me he "agreed with me."
I told him I am totally one hundred per cent opposite in my opinion..(read
blog of last week.)
I wish I could write the Post to tell them to say it's another Susan Silver...
but..I'm sure they don't care.
Thank god she didn't write about loving Dick Cheney or being for torture!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We wuz robbed...twice!!

Ok, in the big picture it' s not all! But we were robbed
twice last week.
By "we," I mean sicko TV watchers like me who vote for reality shows!
Adam was the person who should have won American Idol...come on!
He is a true superstar. Whether he didn't get it because he is gay or
too goth, I don't know. But this kid Kris, is a nice, average singer.
No star. No Idol.
And as for Shawn the little Olympian who won Dancing with the Stars...
no! Yes she did a nice job, yes she's an American Hero, but
as for a dancer, she can't hold a candle or a leg for that matter to
Giles who performed almost as a professional, and a real star, or Melissa
who was the epitome of an elegant dancer.
So, are they rigged? Or are most people who vote dumb...or judging
on things other than what matters?
I don't know, but it's enough to make me turn the TV off and start
reading all those books I have. Hmm...maybe it was a good thing
after all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrah's Finale

I dont know if you all saw the extraordinary documentary of Farrah Fawcett's fight to survive
cancer. It was very raw, very real, with no vanity or gloss to it.
She is a brave and lovely person, clearly. ( At the beginning of her career,
she did a small part in a Movie of the Week I wrote but I don't remember meeting her.)
This was hard to watch.
I've had a friend who went through the rigors of chemo and everything else and
it's not a pretty picture. But I never saw the process up close.
It was important for people to see exactly what it's like and I don't remember
ever seeing it portrayed quite this blatantly, this honestly.
It makes one wonder what decision you would make. To continue the fight,
or just she said she refused to...gently into that good night.
I think I'd just take all my money and hire a plane and get my friends to go
traveling until I couldnt' anymore.
But I don't have children or a partner as she does.
Whichever way, she has done a service to us all and the fight against cancer.
I wish her peace and no more pain.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards Part 2

Last night Charlie Rose interviewed Elizabeth Edwards in what had to be her
umpteenth time trying to explain how she felt about "the Affair"...and more.
I realized as I listened to her, how much I always liked her and still do. Her
honesty, her humor were well displayed.
Her motivations for why she wrote the book still aren't clear to me. But
Charlie did make a statement that perhaps is the most to the point...and
adult one I've heard.
Why is the "sexual" such a big deal?
After all, the stats on cheating are overwhelming. And as they said, a
good looking, powerful guy has so much opportunity.
She was unrealistic to think it couldn't happen.
But the bottom line, America is a bit too puritanical and all over the rest of
the world and in certain cultures particularly, it matters not at all.
So I believe she was terribly wounded. I believe she made the right private
choice to remain married after all the good times and years put in.
Yet, I still am not so sure a book that drags it up all over again and drags him
through the muck was such a good idea.
But there is one thing I am sure of now. She is probably a lot more pissed off that
even she realized.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards and the elephant...

I feel for Elizabeth Edwards. She has suffered a lot in her life and done so with
elegance and strength. But now, I fear that she has made a large mistake.
Rather than living what is left of her life without the prying eye of the press or
others, she has written a book which only can dredge up the muck.
In her interview with Oprah which was cringe worthy both for her and John
(who looked like a little boy taken to the principal's office...and Oprah can be
a tough principal, hand on his shoulder not withstanding )...she avoided the
elephant in the room!
Why on earth, when you find out that your husband who is purporting to be
squeaky clean in a marriage that is you continue
the race for the highest office in the world?
As a Democrat I am appalled. He could have been the nominee and this
would have been the end of everything that everyone had worked so hard
to achieve.
Pure selfish ego.
And she was complicit in the continuing of the charade.
Further, to insist that if the baby is his, it has no relevance to her life is
crazy! Denial to some extreme that defies reality.
Now, is this his continuing punishment or that knawing need for face time
on camera that many in the public eye seem to need so desperately?
What is the point of bringing it all up again? How much do we as a society need
to be involved with the intimacy of everyone's life?
Reality TV to the max. Next episode: the DNA test for the baby.
Tune in for more shocking revelations. Sigh....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

This drives me crazy!

Among many many things...this drives me crazy! You run into a guy you once went out with
and not only does he NOT remember you, he tries to pick you up again!
This has happened to me a few times (once with a guy I actually spent a weekend with...horrible though it was ) and most recently the other night.
I was at a club and a young guy whom I had met once there a few years ago, and gone out with
against my better judgment...and boy was I right...hit on me again, having no idea that
he knew me.
I debated about reminding him, and then I decided not to.
I am not unmemorable. Trust me, I'm not.
Guys tend to be unconscious I guess and in this case, very!
Guys...look at the girl you are trying to pick up and think: Did I do this before? If so, how did it
turn out. to move on!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I finally did it!

No no, not sex! I wouldn't tell you if I did.
What I did was something to get the juices flowing. Now stop it...I told you
no sex was involved!
What I did was take a two day seminar in branding and publishing.
I really needed to stir things up and get off my duff and it worked.
The bad news is that I found out it's time to give up on an old idea I've
been doodling with forever and come up with something new. And
I did have a few good new ideas that I now have to pursue.
It's great to be with other people...the group was composed of a lot of
very bright and interesting people at various stages of careers hoping to
get that big break...mostly a hot book.
The Leaders were good in dispensing a lot of info, but I get the feeling
they weren't all that crazy with my little murmurings which amused those
sitting around me. And mostly I do it to amuse myself .
Old comedy writers never stop being funny when they have a chance.
So the bottom line is, stimulation is important. Hey!! Cut it out! I told you....
no sexual references intended! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Susan Boyle

I am just one of millions who have fallen for the British singing sensation Susan Boyle.
When I was sent the Youtube video I actually cried as I watched her sing! They are
making a lot of the fact of her looks..."you can't judge a book by it's cover" etc.
That is fine.
But one humor columnist who shall be nameless has gone way over the line as I see it.
He called her "ugly." First of all, how rude!
Second of all, it is the pot calling the kettle...ugly.
This guy who is brilliant and funny is, to put it of the least attractive human
beings on this or any other planet!
He is the last person who should be judging others on looks.
And, though it is obvious that she not a beauty queen, there is or should be a limit
to negative name calling, even in satire.
She is a lovely, "cheeky" as Simon put it, enormously courageous and very talented
I could listen to her voice all day.
And as for "ugly"....his comment is the only ugly thing I see!
Facially challenged Comic... heal thyself!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FontanBLEW IT!

Well, I'm back from my adventure in Miami. And I'm either too old to travel during Spring
Break...or I just chose the wrong hotel. The Fontainbleau has reopened to much hoopla
and was supposed to be THE Place to stay.
Yes, if you are 20 and a rap star. Oy! There was so much wrong that I will have to
enumerate numerically...if that isn't redundant.
1. The Hotel was jammed and I mean jammed...with about 1000 young folk in
the smallest bikini's and the highest shoes I've ever seen. The Hooker style makes
LA look Haute Couture! And where do they get the bucks to stay there? Or maybe
they room up at four to a room.
2. The Hotel was not up and ready though it had been opened for a while. There
was an hour wait for everything...and you could never get any service on the phone
at all.
3. Fortunately I talked my way into a mini suite in the new Tower or I would have
been up all night listening to the Rock Music..oh I forgot to say there was a Music
Festival at the Hotel and the blasting of the DJ's around the pool was deafening.
The Tower had it's own pool which was quieter but it was on the 7th floor and
so windy you could be blown away...if you'll excuse the expression.
4.The Room Service table remained as a souvenir for 24 hours in spite of
four calls to remove it.
5.The maid never showed up the first day at all.
And on and on.
The good stuff...
I had the greatest pizza ever in the lobby restaurant when I couldn't get into the Pool
restaurant for over an hour.
I had the greatest massage ever from Melva at the Spa..but for $182 for 55 minutes
it better be good!
The mini suite was nice size and done well and the little kitchenette was great as
I went out of the Hotel to the grocery store for supplies that wouldn't cost me
an arm and also was able to get service when I needed it that way.
There were some fashion shows...oh yeah it was also Fashion Rocks or something..
and the B Michael Show was stunning and I was invited with some people I met
in the elevator to sit in the front row which was fun.
My old friend Bob S. took me to dinner at a way cool place The Meat Market...better
than the name sounds and we walked the plaza jammed with life.
The sun...was good. And I do love my sun and my walks on the beach.
Next time I guess I'll go where the old people go...wherever that is. Come to think
of it, I wasn't that tacky when I was young either.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it's good to laugh!

Just got back from a great evening in the theater. For those of you in New York you MUST
rush to get tickets to God of Carnage...the new play by the woman who wrote Art, Yasmin
Reza. It's a better play than Art...and incredibly directed by Mathew Warchus who strangely
directed one of the least funny things I've ever seen..Boeing Boeing.
It stars Marcia Gay Harden who gives one of the best comedic performances I've ever
seen in the theater! And James Gandolfini who I love and Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis, both
of whom were terrific.
It's about two sets of parents who meet after an incident with their two sons. It's sort of
Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf meets Lucy! Witty and intelligent and slapstick.
Cant remember laughing this hard in the theater...well...for a long long time!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

just asking

If you have lived alone a verrrrryyyy long time, how hard is it to adjust to being
with someone 24/7? The answer is: very hard. I and my single friends have come
to the conclusion that if you wait too long to be in a real relationship, the odds
that you can accomplish it are going to be hard...very hard. No details, but you
get the idea. Oh oh!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...NOT!!

OK, here it is in a nutshell.
1. I broke up with the new guy I was dating as he cancelled our Valentine Dinner because
the about to be ex wife...well..never mind.
2. I booked a reservation to go see my Precious boys and little girl, grandkids of
my cousin to make up for the disappointment.
3. I got up at 5:30 a.m to go the airport and found that my a.m. flight was a p.m. flight and there were no
other openings.
4. I went back home got into bed and plan on staying there for the foreseeable future.
The end... and this gives meaning to the phrase " it wasn't meant to be."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octo nut job.

I just watched the Dateline about the 8 babies and this insane woman who brought
them into the world.
This is a clearly sick woman with body dysmorphia...her plastic surgery alone is
as frightening as could be. Funnily she looks exactly like a woman I know in NY
who has had the same bad fillers and nose job.
Anyway, the State must go in and see if there is any cause to remove these
children. There is absolutely no way she can care for them. And her mother
clearly realizes the problem.
They took Brittany Spears kids away for a hell of a lot less.
Ann Curry did a great job of calling it like it was and the sheer denial of this
sicko proves she is incompetent.

It's been awhile...

I know it's been weeks...and i was so happy about the new Administration. Now I'm
sort of paralyzed by the scope of the financial meltdown and kind of wish Geithner
and Bernancke would stop testifying. Every time they do, I lose a bundle!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm in withdrawal...

What a high yesterday was! I watched the Inaug all day long and couldn't get enough.
The girls, so adorable, Michelle's smile, Barack's speech and everyone's enthusiasm and
happiness. We have to keep it going! He's a cute dancer too.
I'm signing up for getting involved with veteran's families. Please find something you
can and want to do. We owe it to ourselves to capture the moment and give back to
the country and those who need us. It'll make you feel good.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Everybody...turn on HBO now to see the glorious celebration in Washington!
It is on this aft. and will be repeated tonight. You will feel so proud! And the music
is amazing too! This a great day in America!


As an early Obama person I am over the moon this weekend! I hope all American's
feel the hope and promise and by the polls, we do. Let's just sit back and enjoy this
amazing moment!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


So, at the Renaissance weekend there were about 1000 of the smartest, most accomplished
people all hanging out. It is so nice to be inspired and challenged!
And I was lucky to meet some very impressive Motivational Speaker types. You can
always learn from them...and I sure did.
I learned about focusing on your goals and visualizing...which I'm sure we all know we
should do but don't often enough. And too, writing things down being as specific as
possible! Start with parking places...hey it works!
You know I'm into this kind of stuff and of course I still read my horoscope! This
month's reading was all about achieving my goals so it all works together and though I
didn't make specific New Year's Resoltions, I have been really good about following
through since I came home.
I'm kind of on hyper drive and sending out vibrations to get my goals accomplished.
And...making the calls every day to do so.
Plus riding the exercycle! Whew! Let's hope it all continues.
There were a lot of Wall Street types there as well and I went to the Money panels to
find out what to do in this scary time. There were a lot of opinions...all over the map
but the concensus seems to be NOT to sell everything and even though I
wanted to, I didn't. Now let's pray!
As to the dating thing...I did something really out there! I was asked to be in the
entertainment portion..supposedly a comedy person in my other life, and at first I
said no....I don't perform in stand up.
Then I thought...wait a minute! I can ask 1000 people to fix me up! So I delivered a
poem about the various activities and people there and at the end,
asked "them and their mate to find me a date"...see it rhymes...and believe it or not a
few people came up to me with possibilities.
Let's pray again!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Dear Readers, I had the best New Year's weekend!I went to the Renaissance Weekend
in S. Carolina. It is a gathering of the best and the brightest which I usually attend
once a year on other Holidays at other venues.
This year I decided to be more pro active about my social life or lack of same and
booked it so I'd have something to do on New Year's Eve...with or without a date.
It was the best move I could have made.
I'll report with more, although we are asked as writers NOT to reveal a lot of
details as it is all off the record for a lot of the public personas who attend.
Suffice to say I am filled with good cheer, lots of ideas and many motivational
tips for the next year.
Hope yours is great!!