Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Dear Readers, I had the best New Year's weekend!I went to the Renaissance Weekend
in S. Carolina. It is a gathering of the best and the brightest which I usually attend
once a year on other Holidays at other venues.
This year I decided to be more pro active about my social life or lack of same and
booked it so I'd have something to do on New Year's Eve...with or without a date.
It was the best move I could have made.
I'll report with more, although we are asked as writers NOT to reveal a lot of
details as it is all off the record for a lot of the public personas who attend.
Suffice to say I am filled with good cheer, lots of ideas and many motivational
tips for the next year.
Hope yours is great!!


Mike from DC said...

Happy New Year!

Anne D. said...

I'm glad for you and sooooo envious! I can just imagine how great that weekend is... I love hanging out with smart, imaginative people and watching ideas fly around the room.

wimbleball said...

Happy New Year to you Susan!

Let us hope that this will be the year that you meet Mr.Adequate!

It is always a pleasure stopping by and reading your posts,keep them coming!

Best always,