Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't help myself

As some Southerner's say..."I'm goin' to brag on myself"...
I told you guys before any reviews that the movie Seven Pounds was the worst movie
ever...right? (scroll down a few columns) and some "anonymous" person answered
me with hostility about how wrong I was.
Well, today's reviews in the New York Post and Ny Times make me look generous!
I knew I was right!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

me and unique birthday "item"

LA report

Well, Dear Readers i told you I'd let u know about my trip and it was fabulous! Instead
of moping around in NY vis a vis Thanksgiving and my birthday I called upon my really
old...and I mean old...(in years of duration that is) friends.
Six of my dearest and best friends live there and were forced to throw me a
subtle suggestion.
First of all, I stayed at three different gal's places...i have generous friends...and that alone
was worth the trip. It's fun to have a's been a while...divorced forever.
I had thanksgiving dinner at one ...whom i hired to work on Laugh In many
moons ago...and it was her family and great food as she is gourmet cook as well as
Number One organized human being on the planet. She has given up show biz and
is volunteering around the world in three month increments. Very noble...
We went to movies and ate. That's what you do in LA. It is screening time and there
are three a day at least. (you can read about one of them in prior blog)
Then I moved to another friend,Deb, who I've written about alot in my column as
she is the World's Friendliest Human which sometimes makes me we know
I am not!
Finally i wound up at the fab beach house of another friend and had a glorious
weekend in the sun. Walks on the beach are among my favorite things and the house
is situated right on the sand and all I had to do was pull the sunlounge from the terrace
into the bedroom so i didn't even have to move.
I stayed in her grandkids room which had a bunk bed and against her advice I chose
the top of the bunk bed which seemed like fun until those late in the night bathroom
visits. You get the picture. The ladder should be tipped at an angle...note to manufacturers
of bunkbeds.
I went to more movies and more lunches and did some walking around Bev Hills..which
wasn't too busy. Well, the stores weren't...except for foreigners.
I did however see a scary thing...the paparazzi phenomenon in full bloom. You can't
really appreciate how awful it is on TV. I had come down from a parking lot that
opened into an alley and saw a horde of over 20 men and two women with cameras
rushing like a pack of locusts towards the back of a store. I asked who it was and they
said Lyndsey Lohan. They waited for her and I walked around to the front of the
store to warn her but had been locked for her to shop I guess.
Then I returned to the back as she came out and they surrounded her. It was truely
frightening as she got into a car, they piled into theirs and chased her down the alley.
I felt really sorry for her but one of my journalist friends said she and others tip off
the locusts to tell them where they'll be. Stupid thing to do honey. Shades of Princess
Di come to mind.
I saw a few stars...Deborah Messing, smaller than I thought she was...John Lovitz,
Will Smith at the screening and another star who shall be nameless cause I'll tell you
a little story about him.
When I was in college I worked as an extra in the movies in the summer so I could
stay in LA. One day at MGM a little green sports car stopped and a really cute
young TV star was in it and flirted with me. I was too scared to flirt back.
Then, as we say in the 1996 when my friend with the beach
house and I were having dinner at a trendy place, said star who was now a big movie
star asked me out to dinner and I said I was leaving the next day back to NY.
My girlfriend was kicking me under the table and trying to change my mind, but
he was not anyone I'd had a crush on and just couldn't see the point.
Years go by and I see that he is not only adorable, but smart, talented and at the time
he was SINGLE... though not now and have regretted my decision ever since.
Well, I ran into him and told him...actually what I said was "years ago you asked me out
and I said no and boy am I FUCKIN SORRY!"
He laughed and was very cute about it. So closure if nothing else.
My ex-husband, whom I called to say hi as I do when I'm there, told me I swear
too much. And I say "so fuckin what?" No I really should stop.
So at the great birthday lunch at the Polo Lounge in the Bev Hills Hotel, many memories.
many laughs and many secrets. Probably the best birthday I've had as an adult.
Friends are important and I have really good ones.
It is good to get away every once and a while and good to come home. I just wish I could
import the friends to NY...though some of them do come fairly often.
LA remains LA for better or worse....sun, driving, more driving, food, movies, and movie
stars. Hooray for Hollywood!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

movie review

Seven Pounds. That is the name of the new Will Smith movie that I saw at a screening
in LA last week, with Will attending.
Let me start by saying I love Will Smith. I think he is engaging, smart, adorable and a
really good actor. What the heck happened then?
You are now seeing trailers of this movie in which they indicate that he as the main
character has a "terrible" secret which is motivating him now to save seven total strangers.
So..that kind of tells you the whole movie. Then why oh why did the actual movie have
to be so ridiculous in "keeping the secret" which sets the character in motion all the
while revealing it in on the nose, flashback snippets to where you feel you are getting
whiplash time-wise and neck-wise.
The first 30 minutes are confusing and you do not know whether he is
a bad guy or good guy and though this is meant to be intriguing it is merely annoying
and takes you out of the movie while you are kvetching that this is confusing.
Then the movie takes another turn and it becomes a love story.
Finally, the last third it becomes a saw-it- coming tragedy.
And just incase you dont get it..the music manipulates and repeats, I swear to god,
some of the things you are seeing just to pound the theme into your poor little brain.
At the discussion afterward, Will seemed to me to acknowledge right out of the box
that the Director, who was there and is Italian was determined not to make a
"Hollywood movie" predictable, so he made it incomprehensible and on the nose
at the same time. Quite a feat.
Plus also he said he told him not to do his "will smith"
stuff...which up to now has only made him the number one box office champ and a critical
So what happens is the actor puts his life in the hands of a director he trusts (who made
a good prior movie, "Pursuit of Happyness"...which was based on a book so, well structured)
as opposed to this mishmash and now Will is lousy in a lousy awful movie!)
AS to the reference of Seven Pounds...there were guesses but the answer is...ready...
for pretension..."the quote from Shakespeare about a pound of flesh."
My pounds of ham! No thanks.

Friday, December 05, 2008

7 pounds

Dear Readers...I am in LA and will write about the great birthday i had but first i had to warn u against wasting your precious dollars!
The new Will Smith movie titled Seven Pounds is right up there with the worst movies i've ever seen!
I will give u details later   but trust me on this one!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Turkey

Hey, am off to LA for Thanksgiving and then 6 of my old and I mean old...(30 years of
friendship wise each!!) girlfriends are taking me to lunch for my Birthday. have a great holiday...
back in 10 days.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

60 Minutes

I am not going to make this Obama-all-the- time, I promise, but I just saw the
60 Minutes Interview with Barack and Michelle. And I just adore this guy!
He is so thoughtful, so low key, so smart and I find great comfort every time
he speaks. I think he has the potential to be a GREAT president and I
look forward to a new feeling in the country, hope and can do spirit and
I think we are very lucky to have him arrive at this time. And do love his

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I AM OVER THE MOON!!I haven't written a lot about politics here but I am
a political junkie. I've been involved in Dem politics since 1976 and I can't
remember a moment like I felt yesterday when I voted.
I actually cried.
I was a very early Obama person, having met him when he just became
a Senator at an AIPAC meeting.
His wife is a friend of a good friend of mine and I had asked my friend
what they were like, after his first historic speech at the convention.
She told me they were the real deal and I felt they were too.
I have had some fights with my Republican friends this election.
Some can discuss the issues, and others get more personal and
upset and make it hard to do that.
But I really hope and pray that everyone listens to what happened
yesterday. Americans said...we do not want to fight anymore between
ourselves. We want to accomplish things together.
I think Barack is "The One" some jokingly said. I believe he has
the perfect combination of temperment and brains and good
judgement and he makes me feel so calm! When the shit hits the fan,
and it will...he presents the qualities that will weather any storm.
To use the buzzwords of punditry...I think he is "post racial"
and by virtue of his unique combination of black and white,
foreign and American, he was the perfect person for the time.
It was audacious that he didn't
"wait his turn" but he knew the timing was right.
Everyone who has ever known him says he brings people together
as I believe he had to do to "work out" his own issues and find his
place in the world.
I am absolutely over the moon with hope and joy!
I beg all those who didn't vote for him to get behind him, as McCain
graciously said...the country needs it. The world needs it. Let us
indeed put country first!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Tonight, no matter which party you voted, some history will be made!
As cynical and disappointed as I've been with politics, on both sides
sometimes, I was never as excited as I was today when I voted.
And people are telling me they felt like crying it was so moving.
Isn't it great that we had this chance. Let's not blow it! VOTE!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

my nerves!!!!!

I cant take it...cant wait for tomorrow to be over!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final words on China

I've been avoiding writing these final words because I think I didn't want to end
thinking about the trip!
I've been recouping from some sort of stomach thing which seems to have
come from China and all I'm doing is sleeping and losing put it
But the final leg of the trip was the best...Shanghai! Spectacular! Very
much like NY or Chicago with skylines that are magnificient. Very
I took off a day from the group as they were going to a silk factory and
I didnt want to buy silk.
I did however go to the street of lots of shopping boutiques and I was
We had been warned to be careful carrying money or passports and
I didn't have too much...just a credit card and some small Chinese bills.
I heard a yell..and looked around to see what had happened...when a
police van pulled up and surrounded me.
I turned to see a little girl or short woman running away. I didn't realize
anything had happened to me so was going on my way when a woman
on a bike came up. She had seen the pickpocket hit me and screamed and
frightened her into running away...and dropping my wallet!
I saw it lying about ten feet away and hadn't even felt it leaving my purse.
The cops wanted to make sure I was ok, but didn't chase the perp.
I was really shaken...not enough to stop shopping but since all's well
that ended was a good story to tell the group.
We went to see the Chinese Acrobats in the most astounding show.
One of my friends here told me it was corny but I am so glad I went.
It was thrilling! These performers did things that seemed impossible
with their flexible bodies and the whole time the audience was screaming
in delight.
Another great hotel...a Hilton, great massages...I got the hot rock which
I love and we drove around seeing the city which I adored.
The Bund is the walkway along the water and filled with tourists.
The resteraunts were great and the two couples I bonded with and I
went out for a last night dinner. There was a very hip club on another
floor and I just peeked in.
Shanghai is a place I could have stayed a week. But alas..the trip
was over and as I usually do, I wrote a poem about everyone on the
tour and read it on our last bus ride.
And they all gave me the most adorable little figure of a child bending
over and revealing his tush. (The habit of the kids there is not to have
diapers but little pants with slits from front to back and I and a few
others on the trip were determined to catch a tushie shot...which we
did on the last day. The mothers all kept turning the kids towards the camera,
not realizing we wanted the rear view! So glad I wasn't arrested.)
All in all it was a fabulous trip. They are an incredibly smart and
hard working people who have accomplished miracles in a few short
Everyone who has ever gone there raves about it and I recommend
it to everyone reading this. If you have the chance...go!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

continuing china...

Today one of my friends actually looked at the photos I'd taken of China still in my
camera! Now that's a friend! Actually she found it interesting and as I went over the
trip again, I realized how great it really was.
so...on to Xi'an. That is where the Terra Cotta soldiers are. A huge find of
soldiers made up to guard the tomb of the Emperor. With lifesize horses
and intended to scare away any enemies in death.
They were discovered by a farmer years ago...and they pull out some old
guy who they SAY is the farmer and he signs books at the museum. I want
to believe it was the real guy!
The terra cotta fades within hours of being exposed to light and air, so vast
fields of them are still uncovered until they can figure a way to stop the
process of fading.
Very size, scope and piece of history.
Then we went to the Jade factory and saw beautiful pieces. Of course
anything I liked was over $10,000 and so needless to say, I didn't buy
anything. If it can't be something fab...I don't want it!
Hmm...maybe that's why I'm still looking for Mr. Adequate..or,more than.
We then went on a three day cruise down the Yangtze.
Really nice. The boat was comfortable if not opulent. The food, as usual
amazing in size and scope of the buffets.
The crew put on little shows at night and they were really sweet people.
My cabin porter was Andy and the maid, Susan. They all take American names.
The group I was with did little excursions but I didn't go...afraid of small boats
as I don't swim and unable to climb stairs without railings or go in lifts high up
the mountains, I stayed and got sun, which I always crave and a manicure...
flowers with little "jewels"..which I'd never wear in NY but qualifies me to work
in any post office!
We went through five incredible Gorges with great scenery and finally
through the locks...similar to the Panama largest I think.
We went to see Pandas and to a spot high above the locks which gave
an incredible panoramic view.
The millions of people who are being moved as the water will rise and
flood them all, is an amazing project.
Next Shanghai...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Should have stayed in China!

Well, the world seems to be imploding whether it's our bank accounts or our
I should have stayed in China. The hard thing is that a trip like this is so
spectacular and then it's just a memory.
I went through all of my photos and put them into the computer but can't
figure how to get them print and to share!
But a few more thoughts about my's so nice to have Dear Readers
who are interested!
Beijing was very cool. The first day I was there was before my tour so I
had some ideas from a friend back in the States.
She gave me a name of a reliable driver and we went to the art area...
old factories that have been turned into spectacular art galleries and
some avant garde designers.
I got a very neat grey velour T Shirt with a red stencil of Mao.
Just have to figure out where to wear it. I guess a Sarah Palin speech
won't be the place! ( Mean little thing, isn't she!)
The art in China is very hot now selling for huge figures. Much of it
was very interesting.
Then, being a fan of miniatures, I wento the Beijing Planning Museum
where they have a huge miniature (contradiction I know) of the entire
It was fascinating. And some of the workers were fixing the tiny
buildings and adding new there is constant building.
Then the group arrived and we had an introductory cocktail party.
Many of the people seemed older than I had expected but I always
find some that I can bond with and there were quite a few.
Then the trip began with Tiannamen Square which is really hard
to grasp until you see it in person. Huge obviously...and very
filled with people. Lots of tourists but mostly Chinese who are visiting
as well.
The Forbidden City is gigantic...amazing. And very lovely.
The Summer Palace is beautiful. Everything has history and
so much importance to the culture.
The places were crowded but not unbareably so.
The Great Wall! wow...I took the "easier" route which was about a
forty minute climb with rest blocks...and lots of pushing people.
They are not into waiting patiently.
The folks that took the harder climb said it was tiring but worth it.
I skipped the Opera as I don't like Opera here and there it was
kind of screamy...from all reports.
The Hilton Hotel was lovely and I had a really good massage in the
room the first night. Excellent idea!
Since the Olympics, many signs were in English too so you could
sort of find your way around, though I didn't stray too far away on
my own.
Next see the Terra Cota Warriors.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

china chatter

Well, just got back from great great trip! It so exceeded my expectations!
The people are so sweet and eager to give good service. the country is magnificent
both in history and progress.
In a mere 17 years they have built so many sky scrapers the national bird is
said to be "the crane."..the building kind.
The scope of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and everything is so
vast it takes your breath away.
The example of the Olympics shows that they are the unstoppable. amazing to hear
about their lives from the Guides and how in a mere 38 years they have
entered the present and really are the future.
Will try and get some photos up when i can figure out how to do it!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I"m baaaaaccckkkk

Back from glorious trip to China. will tell all when i next wake up...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm off...

Hey off to China! Not sure why but it seemed like a good idea.
Am traveling with my Northwestern Alumni Assoc. though I don't know
Back in Oct. I hope!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

back to fair and unbalanced!

Now that I gave Sarah Palin her due...see other columns...I have to say that
I find it outrageous that they are not letting her do any of the press interviews
that other candidates have to do. What are they afraid of? They owe it to
the American voter to be able to have the info to vet her ourselves.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

told u so!

See, Sarah was amazing. Told you. the greatest praise I can give is I wish she were
a Democrat because she is a reallly good communicator.
BUT..and here's one of many buts...I dont understand why we want someone
in the two highest offices to be 'JUST LIKE US."
I want someone MUCH MUCH MORE THAN I AM. More accomplished,
more knowledgable, a real intellect and superior to every way because
the decisions they will be making are many times more complex than any
I've made in my own life.
So...yes she made a great first impression and a speech. Now let's see
what she knows about the world and if she can extrapolate from her narrow
world experiences and politically rigid viewpoint.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i that a word?

For all those pundits who are bloviating about how important Sarah Palin's
speech is tonight and creating drama...the woman was a TV sports anchor!
She knows how to be on TV. They know how to write a speech. Of course
she will nail it/hit it out of the park and all other cliches.

It's what happens afterwards...on the road, in the debate she might even
do well as Biden's hands will be tied re sexism.
It's now up to the Press to ask her tough questions and see what she
knows and doesn't know.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fair and!

As Dear Readers know, I was extremely upset about the Sara Palin pick. One can
respond snarkily, mocking the hair and the hunting habits,(as one did) or say it's
got to be a Tina Fey movie called "Moosestew Machinations" but then what?

This is a serious thing. Perhaps the most serious in our lifetime. So, I decided
to try and understand it from the other perspective, that of my Republican
Friends. Yes, I have them! Quite a few, thank you!
And I'd had fights with some of them re my great support for Obama. Not on
an ideological basis...there's no point in fighting about that...we believe
what we believe and we rarely change that. But on an EXPERIENCE arguement...they
had their points. And I had my answers to them. I then decided as the old maxim..better not to discuss politics or religion.

Now, turnabout was fair play. Experience question? 19 months as a Governor?
I'm sorry, PTA does not count! It doesnt. Not on the world stage. Surely they
will acknowledge that at least.

My friends are very smart...well most of them. I needed to have this VP thing explained
in a way that would frankly, keep me from being scared to death!

And so I asked them to give me their answers on these questions:
1.Is Sara Palin, in your honest view, ready to be Leader of the Free World?
2. Are you still voting McCain?
3. Who was your first VP pick?

And finally...anything else you want to add re picking a woman being important.

I got detailed interesting answers from the men explaining their views.
The women said pointedly just "I'm for her!"

First off, they are not scared that she is too inexperienced, or has a narrow
background. They pointed to prior Presidents and world leaders who
grew into the job. ( I still don't want that...again!)

They pointed out that most Governors do not have a lot of international
experience. (But some of them have and Alaska is such that
I think she is operating a budget on a small town size stage.)

They equated the "Obama had no experience" argument again . ( But now I counter
that he has been voted on by 18 million people and vetted over 18 months. Sara won
by 6oo plus votes and we have less than 3 months to know her and everything about her!)

Second, most of them would have chosen Mitt Romney, who I would have
been happy with...though I remain a dedicated Dem. ( I am not totally
partisan!) So I don't understand why they are not deeply disappointed. Or are
they just not saying. If Obama had picked a total unknown, I'd be pissed.

In other words...they all, except one person, did NOT find this choice scary or bizarre
or crazy. (Conclusion: I cannot discuss this with my friends anymore...she said
jokingly serious.) It is clear that people have VERY DIFFERENT opinions and
that I guess is why we have a country torn in half.

As to the issue of a woman...there were, in my view, other women who had
more experience like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, with whom I may not agree, but
I certainly find credible and experienced. But I would have not thought that a
business person like a Meg Whitman had the scope of knowledge either!

John McCain is 72. One third of American VP's have becoming Presidents
by virtue of death or other removals...impeachment. THINK ABOUT IT!
She has a 33% chance to become the President of the United States.

I just want the best person and when it was Margaret Thatcher, or Golda Meir,
cool. Sara is neither. I just saw the Republican Gov. of Hawaii on TV. Seemed
like a nice lady.What was wrong with her? Whoops...I said I'd put a hold on snarky.

Now, yesterday I saw the interview Gov. Palin did with Maria Bartiromo on the money channel.
She is smart, articulate in a very direct Francis McDormand, Fargo, kind of dialect and she
rapidly gives a good arguement about energy vis a vis drilling and swears she is also
very into protecting the environment. I have read both support and criticism of her
on this and don't know the truth. But I liked her! I think she would have made a
really good Secretary of Energy,gotten some time in the big time and thensomeday could have run for President.

To sum up:

1. This was not a crazy was a very smart, totally Machiavellian one.
McCain wants to win. He has been saying he chooses "county over politics." Not on this one.
John McCain realized that the experience issue was not working and that
"Change" was the word. 80% of Americans want that.So this reinforced that.
And he got rid of Bush/Cheney in one fell swoop. He threw the baby (convention) out
with the water ( Gustav.) The Maverick is back....for better or worse.

2. It remains scary because he did it so quickly, having met her ONCE. He said
he likes "to act faster than anyone else and will live with the consequences."
I don't feel good about living with them. What other quick shoot from the hip
choices will be made.

3. While I try and judge things objectively, my values and positions on choice,
guns, and other issues do get in the way and she represents the opposite of
everything I believe in. And it's been reported that she was not McCain's first choice
either!This makes me feel that the extreme right right on the Rep. side
is controlling the party. I don't want the extreme left left side of the Dems doing
that either.

I WANT THE CENTER. I think America wants the Center. I hope it does.

4.The fact that she is a woman cuts both ways...both bad for Dems. This will make it a
lot harder for Biden to debate her because the sexist attacks will be used against
any thing he does...if he's too soft, he's patronizing,if he's too tough, he's beating up on her.
So they successfully used the feminist inroads Hillary paved to their advantage,
to get her voters. I hope she comes out to debunk that and fast!

One of my smart Democrat friends reassured my panic by saying that so far Obama
has been thoughtful, careful, successful in every step of the campaign and we
should give him credit that he will find the right way to deal with this. That
makes me feel a little better. Only a little.

What I still don't really understand is how people can look at something and see

it so differently!? But the good news is that we can still be friends.

I hope!! But just in case, NO MORE POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS!

Friday, August 29, 2008


some of my emailers were upset with me re my remark aboutSara's Hair and eskimos...a little
left over from my cant help it i'm a comedy writer bg...but in all seriousness I am
more upset about the lack of experience on a national stage and not having been tested as
Barack has been through the primary...for those who decried lack of experience on his
part...which just does not hold now, does it!
I find it very very cynical and insulting that McCain, whom I admired and was indeed
someone who sometimes reached across party lines would do this to the nation!
come on kids..
get serious. Poor Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a qualified woman, was at a loss for words
to defend it.
I realize politics can be a touchy subject and I've had some strong reactions from
my Rep. friends about Obama...but this choice was too scary for me to keep silent.

But seriously folks

Any respect I had for McCain is now gone! Does he really think that women are going
to vote for ANY woman, just to vote for a woman?Come on! And the comedy writer
in me wants to know...What's with the hair? She'll have to go to Shear Genius and get
a cut that brings her into the 21rst Century before the Convention. Geesh!But hey,she
WAS mayor of 8,000 eskimos..not that there's anything wrong with eskimos!

to all my republican friends...

McCain has chosen his VP. And I say..."huh?"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

med report

Hey...cant type too much..hand still in temp cast. operation pain in the u know what!
and the wrist.
thank god for the olympics...yay! and what a stunning opening ceremony!
Now watching the Dems as there's not much else I can putting on my bra!
thanks for all the good are great,my readers!!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


About to have an operation on my wrist...some wierd degenerative tendon thing...anyway
thank god for the olympics...will have something to do while recuping. no typing for
a while! bye for now.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

one last adventure in Aspen

SS does not stand for Secret Service.. not while I'm around!
This could maybe get me arrested, but what the heck!
The King of Jordan and his gorgeous wife were at the Aspen Institute and after the speech
they went back to the hotel which is across from where I stay.
How did I know this? Because forty million guards and cars were lined up outside.
So, since I had not gotten to ask him the question I wanted to at the speech, I
thought I'd go into the Hotel and ask him there. Well, you know I am rather
adventurous..ok ok pushy.
I go into the Lobby and see about 10 guards standing around so I know that he
must be in the Lobby...right? And sure enough there he was, a short King, but
still a King, sitting on the terrace talking to some people.
The guards were a mix of Jordanian and American Secret Service...I know these
About two or three other people were watching the King and the guards just
looked at us once, and then didn't bother us again.
I waited a while and finally the guards started forming a line so I knew he
was coming out.
I stood there at the door of the lobby and he and the family walked by and
the Queen smiled at me and said "hi" and I said "hi." And the King walked by
and sort of smiled...and I decided not to ask him my question...but he was only
two feet at most from me! And, if I were some kind of terrorist or nut job..well..
let's just say he's lucky I'm not and I wasn't!
So I guess tall blonde's are not on anyone's profiling list. That seems rather
dangerous to me! But let's not tell anyone as I don't want them tracking me down.

Friday, July 18, 2008

me on a segway...maybe

hi from aspen

Gee are persistent! but i love the interest! No no no..the guy I'm going to be fixed up with is in it'll happen...i hope...when i go back.
Other news...injured my wrist and have a photo of me in a temp cast...if i can figure out how to print it in here i will...have to maybe have an operation as it's an old injury...reinjured.

Went the the gym to see the very cute guy i had the crush on last year...not so cute this year..thank god!

still loving it here...wish i could stay longer...have to figure out a job or being what it takes!

Monday, July 07, 2008

ok, things are picking up

went to a fab dinner party the other night. great , interesting people and terrific conversation which i love! plus one couple has a guy to fix me up with! let's keep our fingers crossed.
And, that final at Wimbelton was amazing!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

reporting from aspen

Well i guess it's a function of how bored I am that I have time to blog!! Actually I am having a good time but it's not up to the standard of the past few years.
It is an Ideas Festival which brings smart interesting people from all over the world to talk about various topics ...politics, health, climate, education.
I"ve been here for 7 summers and I think they may have finally run out of new people..however there have beensome highlights and I'll tell u.
Tom Friedman...always brilliant about how we are running out of time for climate and energy problems. Dean Kamin, the brilliant genius who invented the Segway and other medical devices who is single handedly making science and technology cool again. David Brooks the conservative columnist who is now doing a book on the brain and really interesting stuff. And Damian Wetzel (sp?) the guy who just retired from the NY Ballet..led us in an actual dance class...all the years i danced did not help. That was coool!!!
But many of the topics are not my thing and some of the political reporters who shall be nameless were same ol same ol. We'll see if things improve.
As to Men, adequate or not...nada! not even last years physical trainer/weight lifter who was soooo cute as some may remember.
Watched fireworks in my robe at the hotel pool...alone, sigh, but very fun. Love fireworks and could use some if you know what I mean!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


off to Aspen for a few weeks...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

me on growing bolder radio

below is the link to my favorite radio show..growingbolder...with two great hosts who are my pals! enjoy and go into the site you will like it boomers!

Friday, May 30, 2008

me drunk...

well, i was on The Today Show on Friday but not in NY. A crane fell and they had the nerve to bump our spot for serious news!

this should be it! I hope.. . there's a commercial and then a minute before i come on...and it's not that exciting but here tis...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Larry, you made my day!

I was headed down to a wedding shower of a daughter of my friend, and there were no cabs in sight. So I hopped on a bus to go across town. I wasn't sure where I was headed, not being good with directions, and I asked thebus driver about the next leg of my trip. He told me and then I headed back to my seat where I promptly sneezed, twice.
A young guy, long haired, mustacheod and about thirty, sitting across from me with a guitar in its case said "Allergies, huh?"
I said, "Guess so."
We then discussed pollen and where I could get a cab to downtown and I thanked him andgot off the bus.
He got off after me and flagged down the cab for me and opened the door.
He then said " You are a lovely lady, how about going for a cup of tea sometime."
I laughed and said "I don't think so..I'm much older."
He said "I'm older than I look."
I said, "So am I!!"
He then told me his name and shrugged, "how about it, are you sure?" and the cab driver, a female, and I both smiled as we drove off .
Larry, you made my day! Thanks!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

From Hubris to Humiliation in 24 hours

Well, thank goodness for a sense of humor, right? After all isn't comedy defined as Pain plus Time?
So, last night I spoke at a gathering of Dutch Baby Boomers here in NY. I was, if not the entertainment, the Speaker of the dinner program supposedly telling them of Boomer life in New York. When I got done with my amusing little speech, she said modestly, I asked for questions. There were none!
I told them I was available for private questions during dinner and one woman asked me to come to her table.
They looked a little embarrassed, but finally one of the women spoke up.
She said they wanted to know how come I was speaking for Baby Boomers when I was ...what? 45?
Well, Dear Readers, I am not 45...not even close and because I was so flattered and full of champagne and myself...I actually told them my real age. They were aghast and said that was impossible and then one of the men went around the table telling everyone's age...and it was usually 4-6 years older than mine. Needless to say, I was aghast now. They looked, shall we say kindly...older!
So I felt very happy and went home with renewed reason to stay on my diet!
Beware cockiness, folks. You are setting yourself up for a fall!
Today, I was feeling so young that I signed up for a tennis boot camp kind of thing Sunday night.
I had played a lot in California when I lived there and was about a "B" those days we rated alphabetically not like now, numerically. But though I haven't played regularly for years, and I had a tennis elbow which laid me off a year or so ago...I had recently taken some lessons and done pretty well. So
I decided I was a 3.5 which I thought was equivalent to a B. You see it coming...don't you?

Flush with pride and a nice check from the speaker's gig, I even took a towncar down to the courts.
I got there early and saw some guys killing the ball and some women being hit in various body parts. Oh oh.
I asked what level they were and they turned out to be 2.5-3. Double oh oh.
I finally saw my group...and there was a guy who looked to hit the ball like Roger Federer and a little girl/woman I guess who could have killed me.
I said to the Teacher, I think perhaps this is not my level. I explained my various injuries, but said maybe I could try the 2.5-3 group next time as I thought I could do as well as one of the women who was hit in the stomach and walked it off.
The Teacher suggested that I perhaps take a lesson with the "advanced beginners" which I said, Well, since I've been playing for 30 years I didn't really think I was a beginner, though out of practice.
Then he said, are you in good shape?
(I thought my legs looked really good in my little dress.) But he clearly meant endurance as he said, You can see this is rather difficult and "WE DON'T WANT YOU TO GET HURT. MOST OF THE PLAYERS ARE IN THEIR
20's and 30's!"
Okay. Now remember, just because I look like I'm in my 40's, or at least some Dutch think so...I am not!
I packed up my stuff and left.
And I took a bus home to punish myself for the sin of Pride and then, half way, got off and walked home to see how my endurance was.
I got home puffing only a little.But at least I did NOT eat the chocolate I wanted to.

Friday, May 09, 2008

me on Bill Bennett's show

here's the link, thanks to my buddies at guesting there in June by the way!


Wow, I had a ball today on Conservative Icon Bill Bennett's radio show! thanks to Bill and Seth, his producer we laughed a lot talking about comedy and they had their callers phone in on what were their favorite shows.
Lots of oldies but goodies like Steve Allen, Ernie Kovacs, Sid Caesar...all genius's in my book and a few that I had to say were a "surprise." Like Gomer Pyle, but's all personal taste.
What makes us laugh is very subjective and my only criteria for good comedy is exactly I laugh?
If I get more than three laughs a half hour in a sit-com then it's great! Very few...but Sasha Baron Cohen (AKA
Ali G) is one of the best. And Everybody Loves Raymond was a true winner.
So today boys and girls we learned that politics can make strange bedfellows as I was in bed and in my jammies for Bill Bennett's show as it was 8 a.m. and...zzzzzz sounds of me going back to sleep after a fun morning.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

me on the web

It's me me me...after all it is my blog. anyway, have linked the web interview I did a few months ago...hope you enjoy...and at the end you can "vote" how much we of course it will be many stars...won't it. luv, ss

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bless me!!

I just saw the Pope!! I'm excited. He is staying around the corner and though they kept us a block away he drove by in the Popemobile and I actually saw him. Yes, I waved. And then, the Popemobile came around the block in front of my building and was loaded onto a truck. so I took my picture with it! Very cool for a Jewish girl!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

pandering pronunciation lesson

I try not to be political in the blog but this one is too hard to pass up.
If any of you suffered through the Compassion Forum about religion in Politics tonight, you might not have noticed but Hillary in her attempt to woo Jewish voters was talking about all her " rabbi friends" who sent her quotes from the Bible for the holiday of "pure-am."
However, it's pronounced "(Poor-im) as in Purim!" Oy vey is all I can say!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

kvetch kvetch kvetch

Well, I just spent what seemed like hours on the phone with one of those impossible travel sites where once you make your reservation it takes forever and infinite patience in case, god forbid, you have to make a change or question something. You go through the intermidable voice message list, get a real person from India who insists on calling you by your first name and then is unable to figure out how to get you to the Supervisor without putting you on hold for minutes or cutting you off! I HATE THIS!! This time I hung up and they actually called me back, which was nice except it accomplished nothing because the new and cheaper price that was available was NOT for me since it was more than 24 hours from my initial purchase.
I know I know...too much information. But I liked it so much better in the old days when there were just people on the phone who seemed to actually know what they were doing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

me on the today show again...

here's my clip on the Today Show...

enjoy and if not...don't tell me!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, I may as well weigh in on Governor Elliot Spitzer as much as everyone else is. First of all, I don't see why prostitution is illegal between adults! Second of all, perhaps he and his wife had some kind of arrangement.
But mostly what a putz! How dumb can you be when you are a former Attorney General about the financial transactions.
However it does smell a little political doesn't it? The Feds investigating a bank transaction that then led them to a prostitution they were on his case originally? Well, this country is so provincial when it comes to these matters. The President of France had another family! I do think however that when men in the public, ie. pols do fool around they have got to do it with an equal. You know the old rule...don't fool around with anyone who has LESS to lose than you!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

money can't buy you....

So today they released the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. And of course I scrolled through looking for my Mr. Adequate Plus!!! Yikes! These guys (mostly guys) have money
but money cant buy them looks!
Ok, ok, that is so superficial on my part. But if you are a Billionaire, can't you find a better way to dye your hair than magenta? or corn yellow? And speaking of yellow, guys...get those teeth bleached!
I'm sure there are some lovely, philanthropic great human beings, and most of them are married anyway. The cute ones are 23 and no, I'm not that much of a "cougar." (Though I play one on the radio.)
For real, my little radio show called The Cougar Hour, which is ten minutes, is now being tested on a
station in Sacramento. I'll keep you posted on its progress.
The purpose is to make the term "cougar" older women who date younger men, less tacky and more
acceptable. We have our needs too, kids! From Mary Tyler Moore to Demi Moore, women are marrying younger the previously mentioned, 15-20 years younger! It might not work for everyone but it's
an option.
What do you think?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

here I am on the Today Show...

Just click on the link below.
there might be a little commercial for perfectmatch first but i'm coming...! ha!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back from Florida

Well, it's fun in the sun! Really! Nothing better than driving with the top down..of the car that is. I went to visit a friend who has a place in Singer Island, near Palm Beach. I hit some golf balls, badly, hit some tennis balls, well...and got some sun and lovely walks on the beach. There is something to that Ion theory. The water sure calms me down. Some shopping does too!
And then came back on a nearly empty plane which was the best. Sleeping on one row all to myself. Life is good. (Oh, no men, but what else is new.)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodbye to a great "broad"

Suzanne Pleshette passed away today. I knew her from the old Bob Newhart Show. I was one of the writers. She was really great. A "Broad" in the best sense of the word. Funny, warm, real as they come. A little potty mouth and risque and terrific. I used to tease her by saying "a Pleshette was a small Plesh."
Don't smoke, kids...really. Don't!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Guilty pleasure...?

There is nothing as delicious as playing hooky! And the best thing to do is sneak off to an afternoon movie
Although, in my case, I am not working or in school so I am not playing hooky from anything.
However, today I went to see There Will Be Blood.
And there was.
At first I thought what a marvelous spectacle. What majesty in the scenery and the sound and
of course Daniel Day Lewis is quite an actor. His fingers act! His eyes, his smile very powerful.
Then, I hate to say it, but in an effort to be an epic, the movie gets ponderous, slow and very
very long. Not to mention self indulgent.
As to the end...well, one doesn't need to feel satisfied by an ending in a movie perhaps, but this
was rather stunted. It felt too abrupt, and not worth waiting for so I guess "unsatisfying."
But you decide for yourselves and let me know, won't you? I came home and had a drink!
And I don't even drink.

Friday, January 04, 2008

how sad

I never write about the ridiculous Hollywood wrecks...these kids who had too much and have too little brains or parental control. The Lindseys, the Nicoles, et all. As for Paris...she deserves anything that occurs to her. She is beneath contempt and her parents...well...enough said.
But during Xmas I was at a party with a relative of Britney Spears. I pulled her aside and said that I really felt she was in some danger and that they should not ever leave her alone. I said that those surrounding her might not have her best interests at heart and I was worried she would come to a very sad end.
The relative assured me they were on top of things.
Then later that night I read she had had a meltdown with a camera, and now this horrible image of her being taken to the hospital in restraints.
The poor girl looked dazed and confused as the horde of vultures surrounded her stretcher, cameras flashing.
How much more are they going to be allowed to do to drive this kid to her demise? Why are we who watch and buy the magazines (I do not by the way) contributing to the death of a young woman.
Isn't it time to stop. Didn't we learn anything after Diana's death?