Saturday, July 05, 2008

reporting from aspen

Well i guess it's a function of how bored I am that I have time to blog!! Actually I am having a good time but it's not up to the standard of the past few years.
It is an Ideas Festival which brings smart interesting people from all over the world to talk about various topics ...politics, health, climate, education.
I"ve been here for 7 summers and I think they may have finally run out of new people..however there have beensome highlights and I'll tell u.
Tom Friedman...always brilliant about how we are running out of time for climate and energy problems. Dean Kamin, the brilliant genius who invented the Segway and other medical devices who is single handedly making science and technology cool again. David Brooks the conservative columnist who is now doing a book on the brain and really interesting stuff. And Damian Wetzel (sp?) the guy who just retired from the NY Ballet..led us in an actual dance class...all the years i danced did not help. That was coool!!!
But many of the topics are not my thing and some of the political reporters who shall be nameless were same ol same ol. We'll see if things improve.
As to Men, adequate or not...nada! not even last years physical trainer/weight lifter who was soooo cute as some may remember.
Watched fireworks in my robe at the hotel pool...alone, sigh, but very fun. Love fireworks and could use some if you know what I mean!!

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