Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette

Ok, first I can't believe I'm watching the damn show again, in the first place.
Second I can't believe I'm making comments on it.
Actually I'm too lazy to go through the sign up on the ABC TV Message
Board and I have to vent somewhere. we go!
This show stinks! For those of who you who have a life...the girl who is
the Bachelorette is a nice girl with a nice body, not that pretty...and
clearly a little insecure.
I mention that because she requires that each of the guy's fall in love
with her and tell her numerous times!And we have to hear about it
over and over and she and the guys have to articulate the same
bull ten times an hour! Boring!
At the end, she lets the really cool guy go and picks another one...
a guy who is handsome and really crazy about her.
Plus the poor guy had to undergo the incredible indignity of
not being able to "perform" on their first "sleepover!"Aand
all of America knowing it! But the second time he could...thank god.
But...he is an "8"...and the other guy was a "10!"
She however is an "8" as well and like feels comfortable with like.
She mentioned numerous times that the first guy had always been the
"dumper" not the "dumpee"...and she obviously was scared to pick him.
This particular season, has been filled with 'dramatic' surprises etc etc .
and clearly is fixed. Drawn out for ratings and our emotional rollercoaster
ride is now over.
I dont want to hear the word "journey" and people spilling their feelings
to total strangers ever again!
I hope I never watch this show again. But...I can't promise.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

Of course I watched it, along with zillions of others around the world and I'm so happy
to report that it was a beautiful,tasteful and appropriate event.
In spite of the insanity of the press coverage, the family pulled off a classy affair and
it was very sad to see the beautiful children mourning. It was interesting for me to
see the family...all those brothers united in uniform and feeling and the closeness which
makes me realize it's no fun being an only child, inspite of the fractious moments a
large family goes through.
Brooke Shields was especially meaningful in humanizing they were two
little kids thrust into the spotlight. And she remains one of the most gorgeous women.
The songs, the film clips, the speeches..except for Al Sharpton, but what else is new...
all were lovely memories and uplifting.
Good job Jackson Family. Goodbye Michael.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Gov. Palin

Newsflash: I just saw Sarah Palin morph into Irwin Corey! Remember him? the old
guy who talks double talk? Huh? What?
I think she just resigned because..? something about fish floating.
She totally rambled and was incredibly wierd. But then I always
thought she was a joke.
Maybe now she'll just go away. But on the other hand, as a Democrat...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

On Michael Jackson

What is wrong with us that we have given his passing
more press than JFK's?
Great performer, possible pedophile, definitely disturbed...ok. I got it.
Stop printing, broadcasting, talking about him.
There is a very difficult world out there and it has kept going and
we should be paying more attention!