Thursday, May 31, 2007


I think we should all wear masks on airplanes anyway. I thought this before the lethal TB guy was outed. I never return home from a trip without some kind of cold. I'll do it if you will. I just dont want to look like I'm crazy. Being crazy is one thing, looking like it...well....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Must See TV

Everyone has to watch the HBO movie, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It was devestating. The book which I regret to say I never had read is about the Sioux people and the treatment by the American government, the horrific history.
I won't go into the political issues which some have said parallel today, but just as a former TV writer want to commend this beautifully done picture.
There was some quibble that the TV movie added a true character, an Indian boy taken by a Senator and educated and used as a symbol of assimilation, though he wasn't at this particular battle in truth. It worked as a story telling device, personalizing the tragedy.
The great Indian Chief Sitting Bull became a a court jester/clown touring with Wild Bill Cody, how tragic.
The coda is that the final "apology" by the Supreme Court for stealing their lands was never resolved as they still refuse to accept the monetary settlement and renounce their claims.
When I was a little girl in Wisconsin, there were Indians up North of the State and I always had an affinity to them. There is a picture of me around four or five years old standing next to an Indian in full dress who was I suppose the Mascot of a resort. I look a little afraid but I'd like to think in awe of him, and even then perhaps knew of the dignity of these people.
Watch it and weep.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

drink up!

Last night I had dinner at Cipriani, the famous NY restaurant that had just reopened after a long renovation. It was like a party with lots of table hopping and noise. The group next to us was a family celebrating something. There was a piece of cake for the handsome 40ish guy who was with his wife, parents and someone who turned out to be his sister.
Then we found out what they were celebrating! They had just sold their company Vitaminwater to Coke. I read in the paper today it was a 4 billion deal and they own 70%. The least they could have done was pick up everyone's check!
But seriously, it just shows you that entrepeneurs can still make it today. He put a vitamin C into his water after working out and got the idea!The sister told me she had sold the stuff from her car for years.
Good for them! But a little champagne all around would have been nice too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The bachelor is NO gentleman

Last night's finale of The Bachelor on ABC proved what I'd suspected all along. This guy who is a navy doctor and sold as the "Officer and the Gentleman" was far from it. Every week I watched him woo the lambs at the slaughter. Usually, for those of you who do not watch the show, it is a difficult line the guy has to walk, keeping 15 girls interested until he whittles it down to the final two. But there is some sense of honesty in that the guy does not tell women he "loves them" when you know he is going to dump all but the one who is left at the final rose ceremony.
This time, there were several instances when he made it seem absolutely definite that he was going to choose one or the other only to drop them. Consequently the shock and awe that hit them was huge!
And, when he got to the end, the poor girl who lost out was so right for him, his parents even saw it and the grandmother told her she was going to back her...and what did he do? Pick the other girl, who was lovely and classy as he kept I guess the gal with the tatoos wasn't.
This guy, who appeared constantly without his shirt so his 6 pack was in our faces, agonized to us, teared up as he broke heart after heart. What a phoney. I think the loser was the winner in this case.

Friday, May 18, 2007

No more classes...

An article yesterday in the paper told of the disappointment of single women who take classes to meet men. The golf lessons, the wine tasting...all sounded like a great place to me, but in truth they were filled guessed it...other women! The thought was that guys don't take lessons because ( just like refusing to ask for directions,) they think they already know! They also gave a stat that indicated in New York there are about a million more women than men over forty. If these young gals are having so much trouble, imagine what it's like for those of us of a certain age! Sigh. Well at least I don't have to go to that woodworking class now.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Me on the radio...again

I am becoming a regular (guest that is) on my favorite boomer radio show Growing Bolder. Listen at this link.
The two hosts, Mark and Bill are such great guys...much more than adequate! It is a website that features all the aspects of great ageing! I come on about 2 minutes in...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So, it's not just me!

Today in the NY Post there was a really alarming article about dating in various cities in the US. Not one seemed to be good! And these were women in their 30's talking. If it's no good for them, imagine what those of us who are of a "certain" age are facing? What is wrong? Where are all the good men? Hmmm? Let me know, please. And we'll all move there!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The search continues

All of my Dear Readers from the last two years of the column know that I have been looking for the new husband without much success. I decided to call it Mr. Adequate because The Prince does not exist and yet, truth be told, I want someone more than adequate..."no perfect" exists, I know, I know.
But I can't even meet anyone to rate! I went to two fancy parties this week, and while it was great to wear my long gowns and good jewelry, it would have been nice to at least see a prospect or two. Nada!
And when one very bright married seat mate said to me, "I can't believe you can't find anyone, " I asked him point blank: Who do you know? And he couldn't think of anyone. So you see....the search goes on. Sigh. But I did have a good time at the parties and that counts for something. Doesn't it?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

In the interest of fairness...

I watched the Republican debate and I have only one thing to say...MITT ROMNEY IS THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN I'VE EVER SEEN. That's it. Nothing political.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where's the beef?

Ok, now I've seen it all. I got a catalogue from a company I will not mention because I don't want to plug them now...even though I've liked their stuff in the past. But on the may get sick to your stomach...was a photo of Donald Trump and a huge slab of beef! Or is that redundant?
Anyway, he now has put his name on steaks! I'm not kidding. They are called "the world's greatest steaks" no less.
Please let it stop...this endless self promoting and self aggrandizement. I have indigestion just thinking about it!