Friday, January 29, 2010

O Oprah!

I watched the Oprah interview with Jay Leno and I was kind of shocked.
I thought she was on his side!? He was being grilled like James Frey
who pretended to write that memoir which she plugged. She was way too
tough on Jay who didn't need to apologize for anything!
NBC screwed up. He did what anyone else would...and she would have too.
Why say "are you being selfish" for taking a job? Talk Show Hostess...
heal thyself.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Co No

In the big scheme of things with everything important happening around
the world the NBC debacle with Jay and Conan is really unimportant.
But...since it seems to be the media's own story it's getting all the play.
My opinion...It's not Jay's fault!! Why would it be? Conan is not funny,
was never funny, is lucky beyond all understanding and should just
go away!I once saw him bomb at an industry event and it was embarrassing.
The totally classless exit he made with all the knocks at the network
lost whatever sympathy he could have gotten as far as I'm concerned.
Take your millions and shut up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Wow!!I just saw this movie on demand. I had been avoiding it as I don't like war movies. But since it's winning all the awards I thought I'd try. EVERYONE IN AMERICA
must see this movie!! What we put these boys through is unbelievable, disgusting,
traumatic. I will never forget this! You actually feel that you are in the action and
the tension is unrelenting. They disarm the bombs and my heart was going faster than
the ticking of the timers!This should be forced viewing for every member of Congress who votes on sending these kids off without the proper equipment! Shame on them!!!
Wow..congrats to the WOMAN who directed it too! Katherine Bigelow is amazing.
And how do we expect these soldiers to come back and lead normal lives. I wont be sleeping well tonight and it was just a movie!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti!! And then reward yourselves...

Dear Readers, Please send something to Haiti relief. This is the saddest, most apocalpytic thing I can remember. We all have to help these poor people.Think if it were your city, your neighborhood.Your children!By the way, I LOVE Diane Sawyer and her coverage. It's human, it's passionate.
Then, on a lighter note you can reward yourself if you are lucky enough to be in NY or visiting, you must run to the incredible revival of the Arthur Miller play "A View From the Bridge!"
Of course I love anything he wrote, and believe him to be our greatest playwright.
This production is with Liev Schriber and Scarlett Johanson (sp?) for star power but the entire cast is sensational. The direction riveting and the whole nite is a time in the theater that I haven't had in years!
Saw "Avatar" and loved it!Not really my cup of tea...all the special effects I thought, but they are staggering! And it was like escaping into another world for two hours. Harry Potter for adults.
Reading the sizzling new political book Game Change. Along with the few gossipy
things that have already been published, it offers much more. I am a political junkie and can't get enough of the backroom stuff and it's a treasure trove. Cant put it down. Plan on reading it in one fell swoop this weekend.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

me on the radio again...

I just guested with my favorite guys Bill and Mark at GrowingBolder!
For some reason I can't link to it here...but this is it...(just copy this and paste)

or just go to the site....
and scroll down to the the link that says "radio"...Jan2. I'm there.
Hope u like it.

Friday, January 01, 2010


Dear Readers, For the dreaded New Year' sEve this year I decided to stay in bed and put the bad year to rest as soon as possible. I think everyone feels that way.Instead, my friend Stan, who had a rough year himself, decided last minute to have friends in and I forced myself to go.
Good idea! It wasn't so much a "party" as a gathering and it was lovely, the food was great, the company good and I was home by 10.
It has not been the greatest year either financially or healthwise for me and others and 2010 feels like a good number to look forward decade and all that.
I do make resolutions but not fanatically as I am too old to think I will keep them!
But there is a feeling of hope and a better future and I wish that to all of you!