Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Seinfeld Olympics

As Jerry would say "what's with the curling thing?" I just don't get it.
Guys in pajama bottoms whisking brooms and yelling in swedish? Huh?
How is this a sport again?Would chimneysweeps be ineligible?I honestly
tried to watch for more than five minutes.Couldn't do it.Does the
USA have a team?

Olympics finally

Well, I finally took a good look at the Olympics and watched Apollo Ono
do his thing. Amazing!The way they take those turns an inch away from the
ice and right on top of each other is wild. I was kicking and skating in
And for once, my ankles didn't turn in like they used to.Wow..these
kids are really something. Although the 'homerism" of the sportscasters
does get a bit much.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back from LA

I stayed longer than I had expected because the sun came out! Why not? A walk on the beach everyday does wonders emotionally and probably physically too. The Renaissance Weekend was, as usual, great stimulation, fun and no it's not the Renaissance Fair!
No costumes. Just a lot of tremendously successful, achievement oriented types who are instructed to leave "the egos at the door" when they are invited to participate.
What always amazes me is that the Pulitzer winners, Nobel winners, and other assorted genuises or is it genusi? to talk show biz. I was on five panels, four of which were show biz and they are always crowded. I guess I can be the entertainment for these's ok with me.
I always make great friends at these things and they are often younger and that is always good..though an elderly couple who must remain anonymous as the rules are we can't blab about who we meet...were really great and I hope to stay in contact with them as I do some really brilliant political professors whose lectures were excellent.
I also saw "stars" as I tend to do...and this time they were of the reality show variety. The bitch on the Millionaire Matchmaking show...the only woman millionaire was a tad nicer than on the show..and assured me her hissy fit was fake..but I still wonder why anyone would want to appear so bitchy real or fake!
The lovely Ruby who was on Oprah and has her own show dealing with her tremendous struggle to lose hundreds of pounds was walking along the boardwalk and is beautiful inside and out and we hugged and shmoozed.
Too much eating, a lot of sun, some exercise and stars. That's LA for ya! I like it in small doses.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


So I left the snow to come to the sun which was one day and now it's rain. oh well.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's about time!

Now that the Chrm of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military has
stated it's about about it? Of course gays should
be allowed in the military. It's ridiculous that it has
taken this long. Anyone who has the guts and patriotism
to volunteer to fight for this country should be welcomed
and blessed!Or how about all the bigots volunteer in their