Saturday, April 25, 2009

I finally did it!

No no, not sex! I wouldn't tell you if I did.
What I did was something to get the juices flowing. Now stop it...I told you
no sex was involved!
What I did was take a two day seminar in branding and publishing.
I really needed to stir things up and get off my duff and it worked.
The bad news is that I found out it's time to give up on an old idea I've
been doodling with forever and come up with something new. And
I did have a few good new ideas that I now have to pursue.
It's great to be with other people...the group was composed of a lot of
very bright and interesting people at various stages of careers hoping to
get that big break...mostly a hot book.
The Leaders were good in dispensing a lot of info, but I get the feeling
they weren't all that crazy with my little murmurings which amused those
sitting around me. And mostly I do it to amuse myself .
Old comedy writers never stop being funny when they have a chance.
So the bottom line is, stimulation is important. Hey!! Cut it out! I told you....
no sexual references intended! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Susan Boyle

I am just one of millions who have fallen for the British singing sensation Susan Boyle.
When I was sent the Youtube video I actually cried as I watched her sing! They are
making a lot of the fact of her looks..."you can't judge a book by it's cover" etc.
That is fine.
But one humor columnist who shall be nameless has gone way over the line as I see it.
He called her "ugly." First of all, how rude!
Second of all, it is the pot calling the kettle...ugly.
This guy who is brilliant and funny is, to put it of the least attractive human
beings on this or any other planet!
He is the last person who should be judging others on looks.
And, though it is obvious that she not a beauty queen, there is or should be a limit
to negative name calling, even in satire.
She is a lovely, "cheeky" as Simon put it, enormously courageous and very talented
I could listen to her voice all day.
And as for "ugly"....his comment is the only ugly thing I see!
Facially challenged Comic... heal thyself!