Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Uncivil civilization

What the hell is going on?From Congress to talk shows, from tea parties to other tempests...everyone is losing it.Everyone has gone too far in expressing themselves. It's all too argumentative and ugly and I'm not sure where it started but it should end!
Political news shows started yelling at each other years ago so that you could almost not watch. Then Congressmen yelled out during State of the Union Speech and sessions and "voters" are spitting on them! Reality shows that were fun became combative and Housewives went from gossiping to pulling wigs off. And it all seems to intrigue people. Even Dancing with the Stars is now "I quit" and hostility. (Although I'd walk out on Kate too..what a ballbreaker!) Anyway...see...now even sweet little Me..I am getting hostile.
I think the genie is out of the bottle and don't know if it'll ever be able to go back in.
Sad state of affairs for all of us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girl With Dragon Tatoo

If you, as I, was...a devourer (if that is a word) of the two "Girl" books, about
to be a trilogy...then you must go see this movie! It was a brilliant
adaptation of the book. So often, particularly in American movies they
ruin a book, either by casting or commercializing and this Swedish film with
subtitles was neither.
What it is, is a crisp action thriller with all the highpoints of the book.
It has sex, kinky sex, disgustingly wierd sex, and Nazis. What more could
you want from a thriller? And it moves like the wind. The book was very
long in the winded area...often digressing and repeating. This did neither.
In fact, it eliminated two of the subplots but wow, what you can suggest
with just a look. It was all there if you knew the book.
The Girl who is the star...is fab. The guy is a sort of pockmarked weary
non hero and that works very well. Here they'll make them into two
glamour-pusses and ruin it.
Read the book first then you will really love it. Not sure what those
who haven't read it would think. But let me know.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jesse James..you robbed her!

I know in the big picture it's not that important, but I am personally
very upset about Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock. Seriously!
She is such a doll, so real and so bright and after she thanked him
for "having her back" at the Oscars, this must be devestating.What's
with these Hollywood people? Why is marriage so impossible. Sandy...
love you. Jesse...used to love you. No more. And those tatoos? On the
"mistress?" Yeesh!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Throw the bums out!!

I know this is going to sound strong...but I have come to the conclusion that our government does not work!! I think Congress with its hyper partisanism and gridlock is no longer accomplishing anything other than spewing hot air. I have a bad bad feeling about our entire system. The oft quoted line about Democracy being the best of the worst is now questionable. Do I have a solution? No...but I and others I know have lost faith and worse, interest, in this game. Now what?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

facebook recommendation!

Bill Shafer: Looking for a great blog to follow? Check my friend Susan Silver. She was a writer for the Mary Tyler Moore Show and other great classic series. She's as witty, sexy and creative as ever! (You'll find lots of her at GB, too!)The Search For Mr. Adequate

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ellen and O?

Is it just me or was Oprah a little bit uncomfortable, even defensive when she had
Ellen DeGeneress on today? Ellen is great. I think she is a wonderful talent and a
very genuine person. The "deep" talk today was mostly Oprah trying to find a weak spot in Ellen and though she laughed a lot at Ellen's jokes and success...just a tiny bit of well...something...was getting the way. Oprah feels different to me these days in general and this was just kind of interesting. thoughts??

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Darwin is spinning!!

I just saw a report on the news that a Texas School Board of Ed has changed schoolbooks to reflect a "Christian biblical" pov. Well, we know what they say
about Texas!Everything is bigger...including, I guess...MISTAKES!
All kidding aside,this is frightening.
In the Interview, the Dentist/Board Member/dictator stated that he himself
was amazed at his "power" but intended to use it for as long as he could.
Part of what he did was change the history books, emphasize Conservatives
and make Joe McCarthy "less of a bad guy." He also made an error in banning
an author who it turned out had the same name as someone he disagreed with.
Hmmm..seems like Joe McCarthy still lives!
This guy has been voted out of office, but has some time remaining on his term
of service ...all the more worrisome. What's next? Darwin spins in anticipation.
We all should be quaking and protesting.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Academy Awards

I loved Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin's opening material..some hysterical bits.
Lots of gorgeous dresses!Way too many commercials!Love Sandra Bullock, didn't like her lipstick. Loved Zoe Saldana's top, hated bottom of dress.Love George Clooney. Period!
First surprise...Precious won adapted screenplay when Up in the Air was supposed to. Wow!Very moving speech by the writer.Steve Martin's adlib was great.
More commercials.God, Lauren Bacall was beautiful when she started out.
I still can't understand a word Penelope Cruz says.The young actress in Up in the Air,Ana Kendricks, is going to be a huge star.Monique deserved it.I guess there was some problem with her not wanting to campaign for it. And she didn't need to. Good on 'er.
Some of the lesser known movies looked worth seeing. An Education, Crazy Heart and District Nine. "Up" with my old pal, Ed Asner won animation but they should have thanked him as the main "voice."He thanked me when he won an Emmy for a script I'd written. Never forgot how exciting that was.
The show is too slow. Why? Again...too many commercials.
Sigourney Weaver needs a stylist, I think.
Before they announce I'll just say what I think and hope should win as Best Director...Katherine Bigelow. And Best Film: Avatar.
We'll see.
My favorite line...in introducing Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica, Steve Martin said"He directed A Single Man, she weighs a single pound." Sounds like one of his own lines.
Ok, Charlize Theron's dress was bad...bad...bad. Two cinammon buns on her breasts!
Losing interest because of you know what...TMC...too many....etc. going to bed and read while watching the rest. night all.