Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girl With Dragon Tatoo

If you, as I, was...a devourer (if that is a word) of the two "Girl" books, about
to be a trilogy...then you must go see this movie! It was a brilliant
adaptation of the book. So often, particularly in American movies they
ruin a book, either by casting or commercializing and this Swedish film with
subtitles was neither.
What it is, is a crisp action thriller with all the highpoints of the book.
It has sex, kinky sex, disgustingly wierd sex, and Nazis. What more could
you want from a thriller? And it moves like the wind. The book was very
long in the winded area...often digressing and repeating. This did neither.
In fact, it eliminated two of the subplots but wow, what you can suggest
with just a look. It was all there if you knew the book.
The Girl who is the fab. The guy is a sort of pockmarked weary
non hero and that works very well. Here they'll make them into two
glamour-pusses and ruin it.
Read the book first then you will really love it. Not sure what those
who haven't read it would think. But let me know.

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