Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Throw the bums out!!

I know this is going to sound strong...but I have come to the conclusion that our government does not work!! I think Congress with its hyper partisanism and gridlock is no longer accomplishing anything other than spewing hot air. I have a bad bad feeling about our entire system. The oft quoted line about Democracy being the best of the worst is now questionable. Do I have a solution? No...but I and others I know have lost faith and worse, interest, in this game. Now what?

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Anne said...

Susan: Sadly, I agree. I majored in American Civ in college, and have always cherished our democratic ideals. But this government is broken. I don't know what could or should be done. For some decades we have been moving toward voting *against* candidates rather than *for* principles. The current situation is an extreme manifestation of this, in which all Republicans oppose anything and everything the Obama administration puts forward simply because they want him to fail.