Saturday, March 13, 2010

Darwin is spinning!!

I just saw a report on the news that a Texas School Board of Ed has changed schoolbooks to reflect a "Christian biblical" pov. Well, we know what they say
about Texas!Everything is bigger...including, I guess...MISTAKES!
All kidding aside,this is frightening.
In the Interview, the Dentist/Board Member/dictator stated that he himself
was amazed at his "power" but intended to use it for as long as he could.
Part of what he did was change the history books, emphasize Conservatives
and make Joe McCarthy "less of a bad guy." He also made an error in banning
an author who it turned out had the same name as someone he disagreed with.
Hmmm..seems like Joe McCarthy still lives!
This guy has been voted out of office, but has some time remaining on his term
of service ...all the more worrisome. What's next? Darwin spins in anticipation.
We all should be quaking and protesting.

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