Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodbye to a great "broad"

Suzanne Pleshette passed away today. I knew her from the old Bob Newhart Show. I was one of the writers. She was really great. A "Broad" in the best sense of the word. Funny, warm, real as they come. A little potty mouth and risque and terrific. I used to tease her by saying "a Pleshette was a small Plesh."
Don't smoke, kids...really. Don't!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Guilty pleasure...?

There is nothing as delicious as playing hooky! And the best thing to do is sneak off to an afternoon movie
Although, in my case, I am not working or in school so I am not playing hooky from anything.
However, today I went to see There Will Be Blood.
And there was.
At first I thought what a marvelous spectacle. What majesty in the scenery and the sound and
of course Daniel Day Lewis is quite an actor. His fingers act! His eyes, his smile very powerful.
Then, I hate to say it, but in an effort to be an epic, the movie gets ponderous, slow and very
very long. Not to mention self indulgent.
As to the end...well, one doesn't need to feel satisfied by an ending in a movie perhaps, but this
was rather stunted. It felt too abrupt, and not worth waiting for so I guess "unsatisfying."
But you decide for yourselves and let me know, won't you? I came home and had a drink!
And I don't even drink.

Friday, January 04, 2008

how sad

I never write about the ridiculous Hollywood wrecks...these kids who had too much and have too little brains or parental control. The Lindseys, the Nicoles, et all. As for Paris...she deserves anything that occurs to her. She is beneath contempt and her parents...well...enough said.
But during Xmas I was at a party with a relative of Britney Spears. I pulled her aside and said that I really felt she was in some danger and that they should not ever leave her alone. I said that those surrounding her might not have her best interests at heart and I was worried she would come to a very sad end.
The relative assured me they were on top of things.
Then later that night I read she had had a meltdown with a camera, and now this horrible image of her being taken to the hospital in restraints.
The poor girl looked dazed and confused as the horde of vultures surrounded her stretcher, cameras flashing.
How much more are they going to be allowed to do to drive this kid to her demise? Why are we who watch and buy the magazines (I do not by the way) contributing to the death of a young woman.
Isn't it time to stop. Didn't we learn anything after Diana's death?