Friday, January 04, 2008

how sad

I never write about the ridiculous Hollywood wrecks...these kids who had too much and have too little brains or parental control. The Lindseys, the Nicoles, et all. As for Paris...she deserves anything that occurs to her. She is beneath contempt and her parents...well...enough said.
But during Xmas I was at a party with a relative of Britney Spears. I pulled her aside and said that I really felt she was in some danger and that they should not ever leave her alone. I said that those surrounding her might not have her best interests at heart and I was worried she would come to a very sad end.
The relative assured me they were on top of things.
Then later that night I read she had had a meltdown with a camera, and now this horrible image of her being taken to the hospital in restraints.
The poor girl looked dazed and confused as the horde of vultures surrounded her stretcher, cameras flashing.
How much more are they going to be allowed to do to drive this kid to her demise? Why are we who watch and buy the magazines (I do not by the way) contributing to the death of a young woman.
Isn't it time to stop. Didn't we learn anything after Diana's death?


Kim said...

I blame her upbringing> Britney's 16 year old sister (who is on a kid's show that my son just loves) is pregnant by the producer of the show (old enough to be her grandfather by all accounts. The mother has written a *parenting book* due out on Mother's Day this year, titled "Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World."

Happiest of New Years, Susan!

San Francisco

susan said...

I agree with you. And yet, the one who is paying the price is this girl. I can't stand watching it like it's an accident on the side of the road. It's creepy and barbaric. Happy NY to you as well!

Liz said...

I feel so bad for these kids who are thrown into the limelight. Over the holidays, I took my nieces to The American Girl store for a show. For some reason it bothered me to see all these kids on stage, working, on a Saturday. I look at these kid performers differently now. I admire you for opening your mouth to Britney's relative. Of course you were met with a wall and that is the problem. The adults behave like obstinate children.

Anne D. said...

I wish something could be done about the swarming papparazzi who block the way and surround the car every time Britney goes *anywhere*. What a totally bizarre way for her to live. And it seems they have become her only friends, to the point where she is now sleeping with one of them.

Life in the funhouse. Just don't look in the mirrors....

I do fear she will come to some bad end. You're right that it seems barbaric to watch the train wreck in progress.

Too much, too soon, too fast.

Anonymous said...

The nation can see this is a train wreak waiting to happen. I hope she doesn't injure her children in the process of a drunken stupor. It's really too bad the court can't step in and commit her to a court mandated treatment program ---not the 6 month kind...the 3-5 year kind.

susan said...

you know what really is so interesting to me is that of all my blogs this got the most somehow we all get involved with this which I suppose is why it occurs. I wonder what the phenomenon is? thanks to all for comments.

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Kim said...

It's an evocative topic, certainly.
I don't know if I consider myself involved in it, but I do know that if I had to seek out the information it's most likely that I wouldn't bother. It's on the front of every website that offers any kind of news.
I think that for me, besides the car accident mentality, which I will admit that I have to some degree; with this particular girl, it's like watching your kid sister go from squeaky clean and on the Mickey Mouse Club to the mess that she is now with two little babies that she obviously loves but is completely incapable of caring for. You know those boys know *something* is wrong and scary with their mommy and wrong enough that K-Fed is considered the better parent choice.

Liz said...

I think the heart of the general public breaks when kids as well as former child stars are involved. A working kid is in such a danger zone and yet parents still put their kids out there. I could see if an opportunity fell into your child's lap and you took it with the intention of paying for college and that's it, but these kids are brands (Hannah Montana etc.) and it's sad.