Friday, December 28, 2007

Great vacation!

Well, Dear Readers, finally no complaints from me!I had the best vacation in California. I was in LA for five days at a girlfriend's house and then two days at the beach with another one. I have nice friends. Then we went to Palm Springs to the Marriott Resort at Palm Desert. It was really amazing...a huge place with lots of lakes and swans and ducks. Many pools, great food at the restaurants and of course lots of lovely sun which I love.
In LA I did a lot of lunches and dinners with friends, five pounds worth! I'm dieting now.
Some fun parties and lots of star spottings. Dr. Phil was at a party and I told him a few things I'd wanted to get off my chest. Barry Bonds was there as well, not looking too worried. Also Joe Pesci, the anesthesiologist from Nip Tuck, Tony from Days of Our Lives, and a ton of over bleached, over botoxed, over busted blonds who were everywhere.
All in all a terrific time. Let's hope the New Year is the best for all of us!


Anna said...

Hmm I wonder what you had to say to Dr Phil, and how did he take it? lol I watched him a few times and decided he was full of it. lol Anyway, glad you had a great time and glad to see you home again.

Anne D. said...

What a wonderful vacation! And now you're back in the deep freeze along with the rest of us here in the Northeast. :-)