Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New TV Season

It's Wed.. night and I'd been looking forward to 2 new sit-coms that I'd read about
and seen previews on. One is everything it's tauted to be and more..the other leaves
a lot to be desired.
"Modern Family" is the single funniest show I've ever seen! Honestly. A few regular
big laughs (I require at least 3 a half hour to score it A)and one hysterical fall out of bed gag that is brilliant and A-plus.

The show is about an extended family, one gay couple, one older man with a younger
wife and one typical over extended yuppie parented, kid over programmed group.
Great writing, terrific performances among them Ed ONeill from Married with Children,
and a few hitherto unknown guys playing the gay couple who are really terrific.
One of the creators is Chris Lloyd from a lot of great other shows and Steve Levitan
who has good credits also. They really deliver. Watch it. You'll thank me.

The other show...created by Bill Lawrence who did Scrubs, one of my favorites,
doesn't score with 'Cougar Town.'

Being a 'cougar,' a woman who dates younger men, is something I am not uh...unfamiliar with. The show could have been good if it had been less "on the nose." That is, every sort of stereotypical negative concept of such a woman is hit over the head in the character of Courtney Cox. It is kind of embarrassing. She is so overloaded with shtick and bad habits that I really feel for her.

The other characters are a little bit better conceived, but the sex jokes are too much and too horny. Does the word 'desperate' sound familiar? I might give it one more time just because it is a show that I should have written and would have liked to sellif I were still in the biz...and I'm a glutton for punishment.

I watched five minutes of 'Eastwick' from the movie Witches Of...and so far...ick!
It has a Desperate Housewives voice-over and reaches for humor...and doesnt get it.
If it gets better I'll let you know next time. But hearing words "yeast infection" lets me know that I shouldn't hold out a lot of hope. Yuck AND ick!

"Dancing with the Stars" is a huge yawn this season and as for Tom Delay otherwise
known as The Hammer or the Exterminator in Congress...where's a good rodent killer
when you need him? The answer...dancing!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm encouraged...

I now read both the obituaries and the wedding announcements on Sunday. (Actually to be
clear, I read the obits every day, but that's another column.)
In today's wedding pages, among the usual couples and the gay couples, there was a new addition. An old couple!
She is 75 and he is 77.
Her photo was alone, none of him. But I won't read into that. She is smiling like the cat who ate the canary. And I don't blame her one bit. You go girl!
Among all the 30 somethings and twenty kids...too young I'm afraid to really know who they are let alone who they should marry, there are rarely people over 50 getting married.
Since, as I say frequently I am "between 50 and death" that always depresses me.
I love reading the stories of how they met and sometimes broke up and got back together again. How they conducted long distance relationships. But in the end, they knew they
had met "the one." How their parents actually introduced them. Well, that's one I
don't identify this point. Although my mother could be up in Heaven looking around for me.
So now, this older couple, without much detail, but hey...they do wind up together. I just wish there had been some tips how in the hell did they meet? Where? Were they fixed up?
But I wish them all the best! I have a lot riding on this one...mostly hope for myself!
Yet, I'd rather meet "HIM" now...while we can still move around more easily!Get busy, Mother!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

thank u laura bush

I always liked Laura Bush. We may have been in different political parties,
but she was a lovely, classy First Lady. And once again, she has done the
right thing.
She came out today in favor of President Obama's speech to school children.
Well...duh! How sad it is that she had to do so.
What is wrong with people these days? If the President can't make a speech
to kids about staying in school, why even have a President?
If we have so little respect for the office, why not just run amock...with hate
speech and talk radio running things and telling us what to think.
Is the Right so hysterical that we cant even have a tradition...which is what
it is for the President to talk to kids...continue because they are so afraid of
It gives credence to the thought that because he is Black, maybe they can't
accept him in the office.
Newt...never one of my favorites...has come out against the hysteria and
recommended the speech.
We should be up in arms over this attempt at delegitimizing Barack Obama.
Enough is enough! Elections have meaning or they don't. Which is it?