Tuesday, September 08, 2009

thank u laura bush

I always liked Laura Bush. We may have been in different political parties,
but she was a lovely, classy First Lady. And once again, she has done the
right thing.
She came out today in favor of President Obama's speech to school children.
Well...duh! How sad it is that she had to do so.
What is wrong with people these days? If the President can't make a speech
to kids about staying in school, why even have a President?
If we have so little respect for the office, why not just run amock...with hate
speech and talk radio running things and telling us what to think.
Is the Right so hysterical that we cant even have a tradition...which is what
it is for the President to talk to kids...continue because they are so afraid of
It gives credence to the thought that because he is Black, maybe they can't
accept him in the office.
Newt...never one of my favorites...has come out against the hysteria and
recommended the speech.
We should be up in arms over this attempt at delegitimizing Barack Obama.
Enough is enough! Elections have meaning or they don't. Which is it?


joody's joose said...

Thank you for saying this. I am black and many of us have expressed this feeling-that Obama's race pulls at something deep in people who resent a black man as President. Because of our long experience with overt and covert racism we have a feel for this. It is most important that others understand this as a perverse outworking of racism.

susan said...

I agree totally and it is so sad.

Anne D. said...

I have been saying for weeks, months... that much of the backlash against President Obama is racially motivated, in spite of everyone's disclaimers. Bigotry is alive and well in our beautiful USA, people. I think it drove some of the far-right white folks absolutely batshit that a handsome, SMART, proud black Democrat was actually elected president. It's unbearable for them! So they oppose everything he does or proposes. Silly loons. Yes, I am so SURE that Obama set out to indoctrinate innocent schoolchildren with fascism/socialism (make up your minds, haters!) when he spoke on TV to them. OY. Get me out of here!!!!

susan said...

looking forward to tonight's health care speech..don't know if he can pull it out of the toilet!

Anonymous said...

i look after preschoolers all day. they are more mature and honest than most politicians are nowadays.


Sonia said...

I agree with you completely! As a multi-ethnic woman with a doctorate degree, I know racism when I see it. The outrage was unbelievable and truly ridiculous. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am glad that you had the guts to tell it like it is!! Keep it up!

btw, I have been following you from the days of NY Social Diary and you were/are very, very funny!!!!!!

susan said...

sonia...thanks so much!! appreciate your kind words. ss