Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm encouraged...

I now read both the obituaries and the wedding announcements on Sunday. (Actually to be
clear, I read the obits every day, but that's another column.)
In today's wedding pages, among the usual couples and the gay couples, there was a new addition. An old couple!
She is 75 and he is 77.
Her photo was alone, none of him. But I won't read into that. She is smiling like the cat who ate the canary. And I don't blame her one bit. You go girl!
Among all the 30 somethings and twenty kids...too young I'm afraid to really know who they are let alone who they should marry, there are rarely people over 50 getting married.
Since, as I say frequently I am "between 50 and death" that always depresses me.
I love reading the stories of how they met and sometimes broke up and got back together again. How they conducted long distance relationships. But in the end, they knew they
had met "the one." How their parents actually introduced them. Well, that's one I
don't identify this point. Although my mother could be up in Heaven looking around for me.
So now, this older couple, without much detail, but hey...they do wind up together. I just wish there had been some tips how in the hell did they meet? Where? Were they fixed up?
But I wish them all the best! I have a lot riding on this one...mostly hope for myself!
Yet, I'd rather meet "HIM" now...while we can still move around more easily!Get busy, Mother!

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Anne D. said...

Cheering you on! I've had friends in their late 50s, 60s, find love at unexpected times and places, generally when they aren't especially looking. Some of them have married, others simply enjoy a long-term relationship with a modicum of personal freedom tossed in.

Susan, my husband has to live in another state during the week now; he found a job after two years of searching, but not near enough to live at home; he rents an apartment. Sometimes he's only here twice in a month for quick weekend visits.

I would have predicted, before this happened, that I'd enjoy my "freedom", but to my surprise and chagrin, I continue to miss my husband every single day, a LOT.

For the first time as an adult (I had roommates after college, then married at 23), I'm not one of a pair every single day. It's not that I'm wimpy -- I am a working professional with one teen left at home and feel confident about managing everything. I simply miss my partner.

So I'm very sympathetic to those who are alone at this or any stage in life and would rather not be. I wish you all the best fortune in the world in this regard. You're beautiful, nice, and talented... so much going for you! **Paging Mr. Wonderful**! :-)