Sunday, July 27, 2008

one last adventure in Aspen

SS does not stand for Secret Service.. not while I'm around!
This could maybe get me arrested, but what the heck!
The King of Jordan and his gorgeous wife were at the Aspen Institute and after the speech
they went back to the hotel which is across from where I stay.
How did I know this? Because forty million guards and cars were lined up outside.
So, since I had not gotten to ask him the question I wanted to at the speech, I
thought I'd go into the Hotel and ask him there. Well, you know I am rather
adventurous..ok ok pushy.
I go into the Lobby and see about 10 guards standing around so I know that he
must be in the Lobby...right? And sure enough there he was, a short King, but
still a King, sitting on the terrace talking to some people.
The guards were a mix of Jordanian and American Secret Service...I know these
About two or three other people were watching the King and the guards just
looked at us once, and then didn't bother us again.
I waited a while and finally the guards started forming a line so I knew he
was coming out.
I stood there at the door of the lobby and he and the family walked by and
the Queen smiled at me and said "hi" and I said "hi." And the King walked by
and sort of smiled...and I decided not to ask him my question...but he was only
two feet at most from me! And, if I were some kind of terrorist or nut job..well..
let's just say he's lucky I'm not and I wasn't!
So I guess tall blonde's are not on anyone's profiling list. That seems rather
dangerous to me! But let's not tell anyone as I don't want them tracking me down.

Friday, July 18, 2008

me on a segway...maybe

hi from aspen

Gee are persistent! but i love the interest! No no no..the guy I'm going to be fixed up with is in it'll happen...i hope...when i go back.
Other news...injured my wrist and have a photo of me in a temp cast...if i can figure out how to print it in here i will...have to maybe have an operation as it's an old injury...reinjured.

Went the the gym to see the very cute guy i had the crush on last year...not so cute this year..thank god!

still loving it here...wish i could stay longer...have to figure out a job or being what it takes!

Monday, July 07, 2008

ok, things are picking up

went to a fab dinner party the other night. great , interesting people and terrific conversation which i love! plus one couple has a guy to fix me up with! let's keep our fingers crossed.
And, that final at Wimbelton was amazing!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

reporting from aspen

Well i guess it's a function of how bored I am that I have time to blog!! Actually I am having a good time but it's not up to the standard of the past few years.
It is an Ideas Festival which brings smart interesting people from all over the world to talk about various topics ...politics, health, climate, education.
I"ve been here for 7 summers and I think they may have finally run out of new people..however there have beensome highlights and I'll tell u.
Tom Friedman...always brilliant about how we are running out of time for climate and energy problems. Dean Kamin, the brilliant genius who invented the Segway and other medical devices who is single handedly making science and technology cool again. David Brooks the conservative columnist who is now doing a book on the brain and really interesting stuff. And Damian Wetzel (sp?) the guy who just retired from the NY Ballet..led us in an actual dance class...all the years i danced did not help. That was coool!!!
But many of the topics are not my thing and some of the political reporters who shall be nameless were same ol same ol. We'll see if things improve.
As to Men, adequate or not...nada! not even last years physical trainer/weight lifter who was soooo cute as some may remember.
Watched fireworks in my robe at the hotel pool...alone, sigh, but very fun. Love fireworks and could use some if you know what I mean!!