Sunday, July 27, 2008

one last adventure in Aspen

SS does not stand for Secret Service.. not while I'm around!
This could maybe get me arrested, but what the heck!
The King of Jordan and his gorgeous wife were at the Aspen Institute and after the speech
they went back to the hotel which is across from where I stay.
How did I know this? Because forty million guards and cars were lined up outside.
So, since I had not gotten to ask him the question I wanted to at the speech, I
thought I'd go into the Hotel and ask him there. Well, you know I am rather
adventurous..ok ok pushy.
I go into the Lobby and see about 10 guards standing around so I know that he
must be in the Lobby...right? And sure enough there he was, a short King, but
still a King, sitting on the terrace talking to some people.
The guards were a mix of Jordanian and American Secret Service...I know these
About two or three other people were watching the King and the guards just
looked at us once, and then didn't bother us again.
I waited a while and finally the guards started forming a line so I knew he
was coming out.
I stood there at the door of the lobby and he and the family walked by and
the Queen smiled at me and said "hi" and I said "hi." And the King walked by
and sort of smiled...and I decided not to ask him my question...but he was only
two feet at most from me! And, if I were some kind of terrorist or nut job..well..
let's just say he's lucky I'm not and I wasn't!
So I guess tall blonde's are not on anyone's profiling list. That seems rather
dangerous to me! But let's not tell anyone as I don't want them tracking me down.


Anne D. said...

Nice close encounter! It *is* a little scary that you could get so close without being questioned, though.

I was at a private party once with Queen Noor of Jordan (the current king's stepmother, formerly Lisa Halaby of the US) and ended up waiting in a narrow hallway for the restroom with her. She was the loveliest person, both in appearance and manner. We chatted happily about being contemporaries at two different Ivy colleges back in the day, the 60s and protests, etc. What a doll!

susan said...

so funny you memtion her. She is always in Aspen and last year she and i stood in line to ask Bill Clinton a question and someone printed a photo of us in a magazine.

Kim said...

I'm so glad to be back to my computer. My 'no tech' holiday about killed me.
I'm glad you enjoyed Aspen. I am debating between there and New York for the holidays. (NYC is so far the runaway leader)

I wonder what it is about the restroom! I found myself (almost) completely by accident several years ago at a charity luncheon for the Royal Army Nursing Corps and the speaker, who I cannot remember was the most boring thing I had ever heard. I finally couldn't bear it anymore and I excused myself to the restroom. Who should walk in right behind me but the soon-to-be Princess Sophie. She said that she thanked me very much for sitting in the middle of the room, because while everyone was staring at me getting up and walking out, she was able to slip out the side unnoticed! I don't know if she was as bored as I was or genuinely had to go, but either way, I was amused.