Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye bye Jay...

To continue the comments on the inconsequential news of the day...did anyone else
cringe at the final Jay Leno Tonight Show with guest, new host, Conan O' boy- is -he- not- funny?
I happen to really like Jay and felt he was so uncomfortable about having to give up
his seat before he was ready!
And Conan, who has never made me laugh, was rather arrogant about claiming it.
They did the obligatory praise of each other but neither was sincere and if Conan
shakes his unruly red mop one more time in that tic of his, well...I dont' plan on watching
him anyway. A lucky say the least.
Jay will do just fine in the earlier slot and Jimmy Kimmel is funnier than all of them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jon &Kate plus 8 and me

The newest tabloid story bombarding us is the marriage of the couple on
the reality show," Jon and Kate Plus 8." They have a set of lovely girl twins
and then had sextuplets...three of each gender.
I had not watched the show or known anything about them until
the rumors of infidelity etc. came on everywhere it seemed.
So on Saturday, after I did my sun on the terrace and my walk
around the resevoir, I collapsed into bed and turned on what
turned out to be a marathon of the series documenting this
incredible family. I was addicted, although it doesn't take much.
What a great show! What an adorable well behaved family. And they
dont even have full time help. Just some volunteer friends.
It is amazing to watch the constant motion and noise of eight kids
and also to see each of their little personalities growing.
They are quite a handful of course. But Kate and Jon have
it down to a science.
So I got this megadose of them and now I see how the dynamic
of their marriage deconstructed.
She nags him. All the time. She treats him as one of the kids.
He sort of stoicly takes it, but perhaps this is why he strayed....
if he did actually stray.
He's a good father and pitches in as well as having a full time job.
She has got to lighten up on him!
I want this family to stay together. I want this
marriage to work.
So Kate, you are a fabulous mother and someone I'd like to
be friends with...good sense of humor, smart and organized.
But you have got to start cutting Jon some slack!
You have an extraordinarily hectic life and it would take its
toll on any marriage, but are making it really
Monday is the premier of the new season in which they promise
to deal with the reality of the relationship. Even if it means
stopping the series to get your marriage it.
This family must be saved!

Friday, May 22, 2009


There was a letter in the NY Post on Tuesday castigating Farah Fawcett for her documentary.
It was signed, Susan M. Silver! That's not me!! I am Susan A.,..but I don't use my
middle name.
Some wierd guy called me this morning to tell me he "agreed with me."
I told him I am totally one hundred per cent opposite in my opinion..(read
blog of last week.)
I wish I could write the Post to tell them to say it's another Susan Silver...
but..I'm sure they don't care.
Thank god she didn't write about loving Dick Cheney or being for torture!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We wuz robbed...twice!!

Ok, in the big picture it' s not all! But we were robbed
twice last week.
By "we," I mean sicko TV watchers like me who vote for reality shows!
Adam was the person who should have won American Idol...come on!
He is a true superstar. Whether he didn't get it because he is gay or
too goth, I don't know. But this kid Kris, is a nice, average singer.
No star. No Idol.
And as for Shawn the little Olympian who won Dancing with the Stars...
no! Yes she did a nice job, yes she's an American Hero, but
as for a dancer, she can't hold a candle or a leg for that matter to
Giles who performed almost as a professional, and a real star, or Melissa
who was the epitome of an elegant dancer.
So, are they rigged? Or are most people who vote dumb...or judging
on things other than what matters?
I don't know, but it's enough to make me turn the TV off and start
reading all those books I have. Hmm...maybe it was a good thing
after all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrah's Finale

I dont know if you all saw the extraordinary documentary of Farrah Fawcett's fight to survive
cancer. It was very raw, very real, with no vanity or gloss to it.
She is a brave and lovely person, clearly. ( At the beginning of her career,
she did a small part in a Movie of the Week I wrote but I don't remember meeting her.)
This was hard to watch.
I've had a friend who went through the rigors of chemo and everything else and
it's not a pretty picture. But I never saw the process up close.
It was important for people to see exactly what it's like and I don't remember
ever seeing it portrayed quite this blatantly, this honestly.
It makes one wonder what decision you would make. To continue the fight,
or just she said she refused to...gently into that good night.
I think I'd just take all my money and hire a plane and get my friends to go
traveling until I couldnt' anymore.
But I don't have children or a partner as she does.
Whichever way, she has done a service to us all and the fight against cancer.
I wish her peace and no more pain.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards Part 2

Last night Charlie Rose interviewed Elizabeth Edwards in what had to be her
umpteenth time trying to explain how she felt about "the Affair"...and more.
I realized as I listened to her, how much I always liked her and still do. Her
honesty, her humor were well displayed.
Her motivations for why she wrote the book still aren't clear to me. But
Charlie did make a statement that perhaps is the most to the point...and
adult one I've heard.
Why is the "sexual" such a big deal?
After all, the stats on cheating are overwhelming. And as they said, a
good looking, powerful guy has so much opportunity.
She was unrealistic to think it couldn't happen.
But the bottom line, America is a bit too puritanical and all over the rest of
the world and in certain cultures particularly, it matters not at all.
So I believe she was terribly wounded. I believe she made the right private
choice to remain married after all the good times and years put in.
Yet, I still am not so sure a book that drags it up all over again and drags him
through the muck was such a good idea.
But there is one thing I am sure of now. She is probably a lot more pissed off that
even she realized.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards and the elephant...

I feel for Elizabeth Edwards. She has suffered a lot in her life and done so with
elegance and strength. But now, I fear that she has made a large mistake.
Rather than living what is left of her life without the prying eye of the press or
others, she has written a book which only can dredge up the muck.
In her interview with Oprah which was cringe worthy both for her and John
(who looked like a little boy taken to the principal's office...and Oprah can be
a tough principal, hand on his shoulder not withstanding )...she avoided the
elephant in the room!
Why on earth, when you find out that your husband who is purporting to be
squeaky clean in a marriage that is you continue
the race for the highest office in the world?
As a Democrat I am appalled. He could have been the nominee and this
would have been the end of everything that everyone had worked so hard
to achieve.
Pure selfish ego.
And she was complicit in the continuing of the charade.
Further, to insist that if the baby is his, it has no relevance to her life is
crazy! Denial to some extreme that defies reality.
Now, is this his continuing punishment or that knawing need for face time
on camera that many in the public eye seem to need so desperately?
What is the point of bringing it all up again? How much do we as a society need
to be involved with the intimacy of everyone's life?
Reality TV to the max. Next episode: the DNA test for the baby.
Tune in for more shocking revelations. Sigh....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

This drives me crazy!

Among many many things...this drives me crazy! You run into a guy you once went out with
and not only does he NOT remember you, he tries to pick you up again!
This has happened to me a few times (once with a guy I actually spent a weekend with...horrible though it was ) and most recently the other night.
I was at a club and a young guy whom I had met once there a few years ago, and gone out with
against my better judgment...and boy was I right...hit on me again, having no idea that
he knew me.
I debated about reminding him, and then I decided not to.
I am not unmemorable. Trust me, I'm not.
Guys tend to be unconscious I guess and in this case, very!
Guys...look at the girl you are trying to pick up and think: Did I do this before? If so, how did it
turn out. to move on!