Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye bye Jay...

To continue the comments on the inconsequential news of the day...did anyone else
cringe at the final Jay Leno Tonight Show with guest, new host, Conan O' boy- is -he- not- funny?
I happen to really like Jay and felt he was so uncomfortable about having to give up
his seat before he was ready!
And Conan, who has never made me laugh, was rather arrogant about claiming it.
They did the obligatory praise of each other but neither was sincere and if Conan
shakes his unruly red mop one more time in that tic of his, well...I dont' plan on watching
him anyway. A lucky say the least.
Jay will do just fine in the earlier slot and Jimmy Kimmel is funnier than all of them.


Anne D. said...

I'm a Leno fan, too. I'm actually happy that he'll appear earlier on weeknights, because 11:30 is my bedtime, at least aspirationally.

Kacy said...

I watched most of Jay's last show, but turned it off when Conan came on.