Monday, June 01, 2009

No...get ME out of there!!

There is a reality or should I say "fakeality" show on TV tonight called
"I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here." I am going to perform magic
and review the show without seeing it!
I cannot watch this drivel. I, who watch everything reality from
Jon and Kate to The Dog...and vote on most shows where our vote
makes a difference...I will not and cannot watch that show.
Even I have my limits! And besides, The Bachelorette is on at the
same time.
The premise is they leave D list celebs or celeb-think- they-ares in some
South American jungle and watch them fall apart.
The long haired awful singer kid from Idol, the old former Supermodel
who is virtually make of plastic now, and the obnoxious couple of
some other quasi-reality who have really gotten on people's nerves are
among the cast.
And...wait for will not believe it, or maybe you will, the wife of the
indicted Governor from a Mid West State...(I'm not giving these people
any name recognition as my own little rebellion) ...she who is known
for having a foul mouth and putting up with his taking his
place since the Court wouldn't allow him to go.
Please not watch this junk. Perhaps the jungle will
take it's justice and give them all diseases which are not easily
gotten over.
The "hook" this year is that the watching public can "vote them plagues"
of various sorts, but even that is not intruiging enough to me.
And as for the Governor's wife stooping to doing this garbage,
well if you are still married to him, your judgement is highly
suspect anyway, isn't it?
The only saving grace and I mean the that Paris Hilton
is not among 'em.
I guess we can be thankful for small favors.


Anonymous said...

did you watch any of gordon ramsay's "hell's kitchen?


susan said...

nope...too mean and too much swearing!!