Monday, June 22, 2009


I know it's only a reality show...but the impending divorce of Kate and Jon.. (of
Jon and Kate Plus 8)really saddens me. It's amazing how attached one gets to
"characters" in a TV show. I think it was the kids that got to me. I'd grown to adore
this family and though Kate was always a nag, she is inherently smart and a
good mother and I think very honest in assessment of what went wrong and
her mea culpa. Jon, is a lot of guys, not a good communicator and
makes it hard to see what he is feeling. I think he was just too immature to
have all this fame and responsibility. But I know they love the kids and frankly the
money they earned from the show will give them a good future...if not as happy
a one as they had hoped. It feels like it happened to someone I know! Faux
intimacy perhaps, but maybe not.

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Anne D. said...

Don't watch the show, but I stay updated online. Those children are adorable. I am sad for them. But I'm glad (just read this) that the family is taking a break from being on TV for a while.