Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ok, I'll admit it...

Though it's really so unimportant it barely matters, I will
always acknowledge an error when I make one!
A few posts ago I ragged on "I''m a Celebrity, get me out of Here!"
It is a fairly inane reality show which strands C listers in the
Well, I've been sick a few days and though I have great books
to read, I've taken the easy way out and just zoned out on TV.
This show is on every night..that's another discussion as to why...
but I've watched a little more and now that the obnoxious
couple (you know who and like Valdermort I will not speak their
evil names to give them life) that they are gone, the
remaining players are bonding as they go through these really
awful adventures replete with bugs and other creatures.
And what I do like...a saving how they bond!
They are really opening up to each other and developing
real feelings...I know it sounds impossible, but think of yourself
in camp.
Or if you've traveled on a group tour, by the end you are weeping
and swearing to be best friends forever. Sometimes you even
follow up and become so.
Relationships are the most important things in life and I like
seeing them develop and maybe it's because I value my own
friends so much, or because I was an only child, that it's
cool to see others engaged with each other.
Or maybe I'm just sick of being sick and need a drink!
Or a hug!!!


Anonymous said...

don't worry, everyone lowers their standards when they're not feeling well. i'm recovering from surgery and i've watched rachel ray, the price is right, and maury povich. what happened to maury, wasn't he a legitimate journalist at one time?


susan said...

oh my god! that is something I cannot maury. It is the sadest and sickest thing. All he does is check the paternity of obviously promiscuous girls and it's pathetic! You win the award..or lose as the case may be. thanks for understanding and making me feel better!! luv ss

Anne D. said...

Hope you're feeling better, Susan.

I still can't watch "reality TV" at ALL, but I agree with you that the bonding that takes place far from home and under unusual/exotic circumstances is awesome.