Thursday, September 27, 2007

ok, now something lighter

Well, clearly, you all dont want to comment on serious issues!! Ah my Dear's something amusing.
The newspaper had an article about a Sudanese man who had "been forced to marry a goat after he was caught having sex with it."
And he had to pay a dowry!
No wonder women can't find enough guys.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran, cont.

Well, I just listened to the speech referred to below and all my worst fears came true.
The President of Columbia Univ. Lee Bollinger introduced the Dictator with a very strong and hostile speech. I was almost taken aback myself. It showed his courage but strangely seemed "rude and inhospitable" which is what the Dictator said later. How wierd was that?! That the truth and calling him what he was seemed like an insult. It shows how smart the guy was to come for this PR all worked to his favor.
His own speech was a rambling lofty treatise on science and the supposed search for truth. And of course then he wove in his lies.
But the questions and his avoidance yet seeming to answer was responded to by applause in the audience.
He was not a screaming lunatic which would be possibly the ONLY way it could have been detrimental to his cause. He appeared to be a reasoning intelligent man who positioned himself as an academic too and thus bonded with the kids.
If one did not know the facts, he even might come off as correct in his goals.
Then a Professor from Iran who is on the faculty was interviewed and he said it would take him a week to to undo the damage and the lies. Therein lies the danger of allowing him to come and talk. Sad and misguided under the guise of free speech.
And so it goes as it always has and we pay the price later...particularly when an unpopular war here is so mismanaged and gives him all the ammunition he needed.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Columbia...NOT "the gem of the ocean"

The invitation from Columbia University to the President of Iran is so objectionable on many fronts.
If Hitler were touring the US would they have invited him?
I realize that students (of which I was once a typical one) are by nature liberal, learning, open. And that leads them sometimes to make the wrong choices. Exposure to dictators is not a requirement to expanding their minds.
Any questions they might ask will not be answered with truth, but insane what is the point?
(How's that for a parlay...from the Emmy's to Hitler...well you can't say I'm limited in interests!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great show!!

Wow! Tonight the Emmy Show was (actually it's still on) IS amazing! Funny, good writing, great music with The Jersey Boys honoring The Sopranos, Tony Bennett and Christine Aguilara doing a duet. Terrific hosting by Ryan Seacrest and a lot of red dresses. Red must be the color this year. Fox put it on and it is very hip.'s later and now I'm pissed! James Gandalfini didn't win for his last year on The Sopranos! He was robbed. This is wrong. And if not him, then it should have been Hugh Laurie for House. (But it's still a good show.)

Still later. Ok, at least the show Sopranos won as best drama which it is and will forever be.
The taping of this Emmy Show was "in the round" which was a first and I think made it very fun and family like...if you are in the biz. I really think this was the best Emmy Show I can remember.
Let's see what the critics think...but trust me on this one. Night...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's not television...

HBO's slogan has always been "it's not tv it's HBO."
Well, now they should change it to "It's not TV it's porn!" As Linda Stassi so articulately wrote in today's NY Post, the new HBO "breakout" show entitled Tell Me You Love Me is not loveable, or even likeable, but it is hard porn..not even soft! (You'll excuse the expression.)
This hour drama about sex and marriage is disgusting and boring...a hard combo to accomplish.
Actual handjobs, intercourse and suggested oral sex with really unlikeable characters.
I'm not a prude but I wrote HBO complaining. The Sopranos will be missed!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

doo do doo do

Okay, this is wierd! I was sitting in a dentist office and a woman in the office waiting, came up to me and said "I'm a pyschic and I think you need a reading. I never do this but here is my card."
So, I immediately called one of my friends in LA who lives for this stuff and has about six of them on call and told her about it. She wanted to call her and so I let her do it as the experiment.
She said she'd gotten a lot right, her parents names etc. and other stuff no one could know, so I decided to go for it. I called and made an appointment and the pyschic asked my birthdate, city of birth, maiden name and made an appointment for next week. I called my friend and told her that it's obvious to me she is going to GOOGLE ME AND FIND OUT ALL ABOUT ME! She had our birthdate and city so she could get our parents names. But I decided to go through with it anyway.
Then today the psychic called and told me " I was going through your information and it seems you are not receptive to it, so I'm not going to take your money. I'll return your check."
I was in shock..and said I am and have had a lot of readings except one who cheated and I found out. But if she didn't want to, ok.
Then I thought, oh my god, she saw something awful and didnt want to tell me. Or she "vibed" that I said she'd google us, in which case she is amazing!!
Anyway, my friend and I talked about it and we decided I had to call her back and see what she saw.
I did and she said no, there was nothing bad, in fact I had an amazing aura and she couldn't see much to tell me. And she thought perhaps she was "meant to read my friend who had a lot to find out."
So...she changed her excuse. This is either total b.s. or she is amazing. My friend told her brother to call and have a I hope that will give us more info. This a first. Turned down by a psychic! Wierd!

Monday, September 03, 2007

It could happen...

In between watching amazing tennis this weekend, I looked at the NY Times marriage announcements as I always do.
There were two stories that were particularly hope inspiring for those of us still looking.
The first was about a couple who met when the bride emailed a complaint to a business and got a refund which was too much and emailed it back. The customer service guy was impressed and then emailed her and it turned into a relationship and now a marriage. Isn't that a great one? Honesty pays.
The second was a real "meant to be." A couple who knew each other at camp when kids, ran into each other as adults. He asked her out, she wasn't interested and already dating someone. They broke up and she went on a dating web site and this same guy who now didn't remember her, caught her eye this time. They are married. This couple was meant to be in the stars! we say, it should only happen to us...or at least me!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It appears the new neighbor has a girlfriend. The end of the story. Knew it was too good to be true!