Thursday, September 27, 2007

ok, now something lighter

Well, clearly, you all dont want to comment on serious issues!! Ah my Dear's something amusing.
The newspaper had an article about a Sudanese man who had "been forced to marry a goat after he was caught having sex with it."
And he had to pay a dowry!
No wonder women can't find enough guys.


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susan said...

no...holey now...excuse me i couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...


No wonder there are more and more vegetarians by the day,I'v been off meat since I was a kid of 6 years old,little did I know what I do today!

Alpaca wool is the warmest and they are goats too,but I did not know that goats were HOT in Sudan!Goatcot Sudan.

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AnneD said...

Oh dear! Let's go back to Ahminajad now. LOL ;-)