Monday, September 03, 2007

It could happen...

In between watching amazing tennis this weekend, I looked at the NY Times marriage announcements as I always do.
There were two stories that were particularly hope inspiring for those of us still looking.
The first was about a couple who met when the bride emailed a complaint to a business and got a refund which was too much and emailed it back. The customer service guy was impressed and then emailed her and it turned into a relationship and now a marriage. Isn't that a great one? Honesty pays.
The second was a real "meant to be." A couple who knew each other at camp when kids, ran into each other as adults. He asked her out, she wasn't interested and already dating someone. They broke up and she went on a dating web site and this same guy who now didn't remember her, caught her eye this time. They are married. This couple was meant to be in the stars! we say, it should only happen to us...or at least me!!

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