Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrah's Finale

I dont know if you all saw the extraordinary documentary of Farrah Fawcett's fight to survive
cancer. It was very raw, very real, with no vanity or gloss to it.
She is a brave and lovely person, clearly. ( At the beginning of her career,
she did a small part in a Movie of the Week I wrote but I don't remember meeting her.)
This was hard to watch.
I've had a friend who went through the rigors of chemo and everything else and
it's not a pretty picture. But I never saw the process up close.
It was important for people to see exactly what it's like and I don't remember
ever seeing it portrayed quite this blatantly, this honestly.
It makes one wonder what decision you would make. To continue the fight,
or just she said she refused to...gently into that good night.
I think I'd just take all my money and hire a plane and get my friends to go
traveling until I couldnt' anymore.
But I don't have children or a partner as she does.
Whichever way, she has done a service to us all and the fight against cancer.
I wish her peace and no more pain.

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Anonymous said...

I too wish her peace. I could not walk in her shoes.