Monday, May 11, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards and the elephant...

I feel for Elizabeth Edwards. She has suffered a lot in her life and done so with
elegance and strength. But now, I fear that she has made a large mistake.
Rather than living what is left of her life without the prying eye of the press or
others, she has written a book which only can dredge up the muck.
In her interview with Oprah which was cringe worthy both for her and John
(who looked like a little boy taken to the principal's office...and Oprah can be
a tough principal, hand on his shoulder not withstanding )...she avoided the
elephant in the room!
Why on earth, when you find out that your husband who is purporting to be
squeaky clean in a marriage that is you continue
the race for the highest office in the world?
As a Democrat I am appalled. He could have been the nominee and this
would have been the end of everything that everyone had worked so hard
to achieve.
Pure selfish ego.
And she was complicit in the continuing of the charade.
Further, to insist that if the baby is his, it has no relevance to her life is
crazy! Denial to some extreme that defies reality.
Now, is this his continuing punishment or that knawing need for face time
on camera that many in the public eye seem to need so desperately?
What is the point of bringing it all up again? How much do we as a society need
to be involved with the intimacy of everyone's life?
Reality TV to the max. Next episode: the DNA test for the baby.
Tune in for more shocking revelations. Sigh....

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Anne D. said...

Yes, I was appalled to hear Elizabeth say that John's purported baby via a mistress has nothing to do with her.

Reality check: That baby is the half-sibling of Elizabeth's children. There is a very real biological tie there, and someday there could also be an emotional bond if the kids are all allowed to meet.

Easy for me to say, perhaps, since I'm not in her shoes. I agree with your comment in your next post: Behind Elizabeth's calm, reasonable demeanor is one f*ckin' furious woman scorned.