Thursday, May 21, 2009

We wuz robbed...twice!!

Ok, in the big picture it' s not all! But we were robbed
twice last week.
By "we," I mean sicko TV watchers like me who vote for reality shows!
Adam was the person who should have won American Idol...come on!
He is a true superstar. Whether he didn't get it because he is gay or
too goth, I don't know. But this kid Kris, is a nice, average singer.
No star. No Idol.
And as for Shawn the little Olympian who won Dancing with the Stars...
no! Yes she did a nice job, yes she's an American Hero, but
as for a dancer, she can't hold a candle or a leg for that matter to
Giles who performed almost as a professional, and a real star, or Melissa
who was the epitome of an elegant dancer.
So, are they rigged? Or are most people who vote dumb...or judging
on things other than what matters?
I don't know, but it's enough to make me turn the TV off and start
reading all those books I have. Hmm...maybe it was a good thing
after all.

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