Friday, May 15, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards Part 2

Last night Charlie Rose interviewed Elizabeth Edwards in what had to be her
umpteenth time trying to explain how she felt about "the Affair"...and more.
I realized as I listened to her, how much I always liked her and still do. Her
honesty, her humor were well displayed.
Her motivations for why she wrote the book still aren't clear to me. But
Charlie did make a statement that perhaps is the most to the point...and
adult one I've heard.
Why is the "sexual" such a big deal?
After all, the stats on cheating are overwhelming. And as they said, a
good looking, powerful guy has so much opportunity.
She was unrealistic to think it couldn't happen.
But the bottom line, America is a bit too puritanical and all over the rest of
the world and in certain cultures particularly, it matters not at all.
So I believe she was terribly wounded. I believe she made the right private
choice to remain married after all the good times and years put in.
Yet, I still am not so sure a book that drags it up all over again and drags him
through the muck was such a good idea.
But there is one thing I am sure of now. She is probably a lot more pissed off that
even she realized.

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