Sunday, May 03, 2009

This drives me crazy!

Among many many things...this drives me crazy! You run into a guy you once went out with
and not only does he NOT remember you, he tries to pick you up again!
This has happened to me a few times (once with a guy I actually spent a weekend with...horrible though it was ) and most recently the other night.
I was at a club and a young guy whom I had met once there a few years ago, and gone out with
against my better judgment...and boy was I right...hit on me again, having no idea that
he knew me.
I debated about reminding him, and then I decided not to.
I am not unmemorable. Trust me, I'm not.
Guys tend to be unconscious I guess and in this case, very!
Guys...look at the girl you are trying to pick up and think: Did I do this before? If so, how did it
turn out. to move on!

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Anne D. said...

That's crazy! Very weird. And, yes, insulting/maddening.