Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jon &Kate plus 8 and me

The newest tabloid story bombarding us is the marriage of the couple on
the reality show," Jon and Kate Plus 8." They have a set of lovely girl twins
and then had sextuplets...three of each gender.
I had not watched the show or known anything about them until
the rumors of infidelity etc. came on everywhere it seemed.
So on Saturday, after I did my sun on the terrace and my walk
around the resevoir, I collapsed into bed and turned on what
turned out to be a marathon of the series documenting this
incredible family. I was addicted, although it doesn't take much.
What a great show! What an adorable well behaved family. And they
dont even have full time help. Just some volunteer friends.
It is amazing to watch the constant motion and noise of eight kids
and also to see each of their little personalities growing.
They are quite a handful of course. But Kate and Jon have
it down to a science.
So I got this megadose of them and now I see how the dynamic
of their marriage deconstructed.
She nags him. All the time. She treats him as one of the kids.
He sort of stoicly takes it, but perhaps this is why he strayed....
if he did actually stray.
He's a good father and pitches in as well as having a full time job.
She has got to lighten up on him!
I want this family to stay together. I want this
marriage to work.
So Kate, you are a fabulous mother and someone I'd like to
be friends with...good sense of humor, smart and organized.
But you have got to start cutting Jon some slack!
You have an extraordinarily hectic life and it would take its
toll on any marriage, but are making it really
Monday is the premier of the new season in which they promise
to deal with the reality of the relationship. Even if it means
stopping the series to get your marriage it.
This family must be saved!


Anne D. said...

Kate seems like an alpha female (nothing wrong with that!) or as the celebrity bloggers would say, HBIC (head bitch in charge). LOL

I agree with you that any alpha member of any family needs to step down and take a deep breath. Incessant nagging may seem like the only way to keep a system working with a crowd like theirs, but at what cost.

susan said...

that's for sure