Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I have two photos of myself and Teddy Kennedy displayed in my house. One is the usual, standing next to him at a fundraiser, and the other is different. I'm laughing and so is he and I have my hand on his chest. I don't remember why or what we were saying but it is a great picture.
I really didn't know him, but just had met him briefly. But I feel so sad this weekend, watching
the days of mourning.
I've learned so much about him as a man. I had no idea of his kindness, his perpetual caring for others, his ability to make everyone a friend.
So much had been written about his larger than life, often troubling aspects. But they pale in
comparison to the successes of his life, his ability to live and enjoy life, even with tremendous tragedy.
I remember being in college when JFK was killed, and where I was when I heard. I remember
my then husband waking me at night to tell me Bobby had been shot, and sleepily saying "no, that happened in 1963." The cliche "end of an era" fits here more than most.
I also think how fortunate they were, this huge family to have each other. As an only child, I can
only envy their experiences shared in good times and bad.
As political foes remembered their friendship with him, I wonder why cant every politician behave as he did. Fight hard for what they believe and then be a human, decent person afterward.
It makes me sick the way politics is conducted these days. Indeed the end of an era.

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