Sunday, August 09, 2009


Whoops...caps in emails are the equivalent of yelling, I'm told. So I'll stop
if they will. They, being TV talk shows,pitchmen and disruptive "constituents"
attending town meetings.
I got the to the point where everytime Billy What's His Name started pitching
whatever product at a decibel level enough to bring down a building, I would
turn off the sound. Now I know you aren't supposed to talk badly about the
dead, but when he passed away, the first thing I did was call a friend and say
now we can watch commercials again!
But he wasn't alone. The group gaggle of Sunday morning talk shows had
long been yelling at each other, just as the extreme pundits of both parties
would talk over each other...same result...a headache!
But now these "voters" are storming the townmeetings where believe it
or not, our Representatives of government are attempting to explain
complicated issues and yes...hear our response. This is wrong because
these (usually) rightwing verbal terrorists are making communication
impossible and it's pissing me off!
There are memos which have put out talking, or should I say "YELLING"
points, and this is not what democracy is supposed to be about.
So...stop the yelling! Start the listening!YOU HEAR ME?


Anonymous said...

you reminded me of another seinfeld episode, where elaine is cross because her bf fails to include any exclamation marks in a note aboutthe birth of a baby.
anyway doesn't the bible say...a soft answer turns away wrath....


Anne D. said...

These loudmouths whose candidates lost the 08 elections need to get over it and remind themselves how a democracy functions. And it's not according to who shrieks loudest or most obnoxiously/hatefully.

Is it something in the water in the USA? Sometimes I despair, truly.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't have said it better myself!


susan said...