Sunday, March 07, 2010

Academy Awards

I loved Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin's opening material..some hysterical bits.
Lots of gorgeous dresses!Way too many commercials!Love Sandra Bullock, didn't like her lipstick. Loved Zoe Saldana's top, hated bottom of dress.Love George Clooney. Period!
First surprise...Precious won adapted screenplay when Up in the Air was supposed to. Wow!Very moving speech by the writer.Steve Martin's adlib was great.
More commercials.God, Lauren Bacall was beautiful when she started out.
I still can't understand a word Penelope Cruz says.The young actress in Up in the Air,Ana Kendricks, is going to be a huge star.Monique deserved it.I guess there was some problem with her not wanting to campaign for it. And she didn't need to. Good on 'er.
Some of the lesser known movies looked worth seeing. An Education, Crazy Heart and District Nine. "Up" with my old pal, Ed Asner won animation but they should have thanked him as the main "voice."He thanked me when he won an Emmy for a script I'd written. Never forgot how exciting that was.
The show is too slow. Why? Again...too many commercials.
Sigourney Weaver needs a stylist, I think.
Before they announce I'll just say what I think and hope should win as Best Director...Katherine Bigelow. And Best Film: Avatar.
We'll see.
My favorite introducing Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica, Steve Martin said"He directed A Single Man, she weighs a single pound." Sounds like one of his own lines.
Ok, Charlize Theron's dress was bad...bad...bad. Two cinammon buns on her breasts!
Losing interest because of you know what...TMC...too many....etc. going to bed and read while watching the rest. night all.

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