Friday, January 22, 2010

Co No

In the big scheme of things with everything important happening around
the world the NBC debacle with Jay and Conan is really unimportant.
But...since it seems to be the media's own story it's getting all the play.
My opinion...It's not Jay's fault!! Why would it be? Conan is not funny,
was never funny, is lucky beyond all understanding and should just
go away!I once saw him bomb at an industry event and it was embarrassing.
The totally classless exit he made with all the knocks at the network
lost whatever sympathy he could have gotten as far as I'm concerned.
Take your millions and shut up!


Anonymous said...
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susan said...

weird people are suddenly infesting the blog! omg!!

Anne D. said...

I'm with you about Conan, Susan. I can stand about 5 minutes of him, then it's buh-bye. I'm glad Jay will be back at 11:30.

Re: spam commenters. You can go into your blogger settings and check a box that will generate a "captcha" password any time someone tries to leave a comment. They have to type it in accurately before their comment will post. (You've probably seen this on other sites.) It keeps the random spammers at bay. If that fails, you can choose to moderate -- pass judgment on every comment before it posts. I find the latter too much trouble, so I've gone with just the "captcha" password plan for now.

susan said...

thanks anne!!just two wierd ones so far...will see what happens.

Anonymous said...


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GayleOpie said...

My daughter and I had a discussion about this very thing last night. I took the same position as you but my daughter blames Jay. I said that NBC is to blame if things were handled badly and that if my boss moved me from a job I loved to one I wasn't that thrilled with and then wanted to move be back, I would take it. If someone else was already in that job, he must not be doing so well or the boss wouldn't be moving me back.

Conan got a pretty damn good payday for leaving and he could have been a whole lot classier about how he handled the situation as well. I'd take 40 million to go away and I'm glad Jay is back.