Friday, January 01, 2010


Dear Readers, For the dreaded New Year' sEve this year I decided to stay in bed and put the bad year to rest as soon as possible. I think everyone feels that way.Instead, my friend Stan, who had a rough year himself, decided last minute to have friends in and I forced myself to go.
Good idea! It wasn't so much a "party" as a gathering and it was lovely, the food was great, the company good and I was home by 10.
It has not been the greatest year either financially or healthwise for me and others and 2010 feels like a good number to look forward decade and all that.
I do make resolutions but not fanatically as I am too old to think I will keep them!
But there is a feeling of hope and a better future and I wish that to all of you!

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Anne D. said...

Happy New Year to you, pretty lady! I hope it brings good health and good times in equal measure.