Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti!! And then reward yourselves...

Dear Readers, Please send something to Haiti relief. This is the saddest, most apocalpytic thing I can remember. We all have to help these poor people.Think if it were your city, your neighborhood.Your children!By the way, I LOVE Diane Sawyer and her coverage. It's human, it's passionate.
Then, on a lighter note you can reward yourself if you are lucky enough to be in NY or visiting, you must run to the incredible revival of the Arthur Miller play "A View From the Bridge!"
Of course I love anything he wrote, and believe him to be our greatest playwright.
This production is with Liev Schriber and Scarlett Johanson (sp?) for star power but the entire cast is sensational. The direction riveting and the whole nite is a time in the theater that I haven't had in years!
Saw "Avatar" and loved it!Not really my cup of tea...all the special effects I thought, but they are staggering! And it was like escaping into another world for two hours. Harry Potter for adults.
Reading the sizzling new political book Game Change. Along with the few gossipy
things that have already been published, it offers much more. I am a political junkie and can't get enough of the backroom stuff and it's a treasure trove. Cant put it down. Plan on reading it in one fell swoop this weekend.

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