Saturday, May 26, 2007

drink up!

Last night I had dinner at Cipriani, the famous NY restaurant that had just reopened after a long renovation. It was like a party with lots of table hopping and noise. The group next to us was a family celebrating something. There was a piece of cake for the handsome 40ish guy who was with his wife, parents and someone who turned out to be his sister.
Then we found out what they were celebrating! They had just sold their company Vitaminwater to Coke. I read in the paper today it was a 4 billion deal and they own 70%. The least they could have done was pick up everyone's check!
But seriously, it just shows you that entrepeneurs can still make it today. He put a vitamin C into his water after working out and got the idea!The sister told me she had sold the stuff from her car for years.
Good for them! But a little champagne all around would have been nice too.

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AnneD said...

That Vitaminwater is cool stuff. My daughter adores it. Yay for the entrepreneur!