Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The bachelor is NO gentleman

Last night's finale of The Bachelor on ABC proved what I'd suspected all along. This guy who is a navy doctor and sold as the "Officer and the Gentleman" was far from it. Every week I watched him woo the lambs at the slaughter. Usually, for those of you who do not watch the show, it is a difficult line the guy has to walk, keeping 15 girls interested until he whittles it down to the final two. But there is some sense of honesty in that the guy does not tell women he "loves them" when you know he is going to dump all but the one who is left at the final rose ceremony.
This time, there were several instances when he made it seem absolutely definite that he was going to choose one or the other only to drop them. Consequently the shock and awe that hit them was huge!
And, when he got to the end, the poor girl who lost out was so right for him, his parents even saw it and the grandmother told her she was going to back her...and what did he do? Pick the other girl, who was lovely and classy as he kept saying...so I guess the gal with the tatoos wasn't.
This guy, who appeared constantly without his shirt so his 6 pack was in our faces, agonized to us, teared up as he broke heart after heart. What a phoney. I think the loser was the winner in this case.

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Anonymous said...

No gentleman would participate in that show, imho.