Sunday, May 27, 2007

Must See TV

Everyone has to watch the HBO movie, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It was devestating. The book which I regret to say I never had read is about the Sioux people and the treatment by the American government, the horrific history.
I won't go into the political issues which some have said parallel today, but just as a former TV writer want to commend this beautifully done picture.
There was some quibble that the TV movie added a true character, an Indian boy taken by a Senator and educated and used as a symbol of assimilation, though he wasn't at this particular battle in truth. It worked as a story telling device, personalizing the tragedy.
The great Indian Chief Sitting Bull became a a court jester/clown touring with Wild Bill Cody, how tragic.
The coda is that the final "apology" by the Supreme Court for stealing their lands was never resolved as they still refuse to accept the monetary settlement and renounce their claims.
When I was a little girl in Wisconsin, there were Indians up North of the State and I always had an affinity to them. There is a picture of me around four or five years old standing next to an Indian in full dress who was I suppose the Mascot of a resort. I look a little afraid but I'd like to think in awe of him, and even then perhaps knew of the dignity of these people.
Watch it and weep.


Anonymous said...

I too believe our ancestors wronged a nation of people but I always wonder how long we have to pay for the misdeeds of others? No one is paying me retribution for my ancestors having to leave Europe or be killed. After generations of payments the government has now created a misguided welfare system of handout among tribes that no longer requires them to think or care for themselves. Give them a time line of a generation (80 yrs) and tell tel the money will stop. ...plan for ahead for your future. Teach them to care for themselves. Should they cry "but out 1850 treaty says" have them go back to living the 1850 lifestyle they electricity, killing their food with a bow and arrow, (no guns) and no "gill nets" to gather fish with because they weren't around in 1850...and enjoying a tepee for a home. I am not trying to be carass...just looking for solutions for a nation of people still in poverty. They are currently offered a free higher education yet most fail to invest in their future because they still don't understand the America culture. If you want it...set goals and work hard.

susan said...

I understand what you are saying. I just feel that so much more could have been done and of course helping educate the children is always paramount. I just think it explains so much about our society that we have to acknowledge. thanks for your thoughts.

Oria said...

People should read this.