Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

Of course I watched it, along with zillions of others around the world and I'm so happy
to report that it was a beautiful,tasteful and appropriate event.
In spite of the insanity of the press coverage, the family pulled off a classy affair and
it was very sad to see the beautiful children mourning. It was interesting for me to
see the family...all those brothers united in uniform and feeling and the closeness which
makes me realize it's no fun being an only child, inspite of the fractious moments a
large family goes through.
Brooke Shields was especially meaningful in humanizing Michael...as they were two
little kids thrust into the spotlight. And she remains one of the most gorgeous women.
The songs, the film clips, the speeches..except for Al Sharpton, but what else is new...
all were lovely memories and uplifting.
Good job Jackson Family. Goodbye Michael.


Anne D. said...

I agree with everything you said so VERY much. What a relief to have this much anticipated memorial service be so classy and moving.

Gorgeous Brooke and her honest grief (and that amazing quote from Le Petit Prince) humanized the eulogy part of the ceremony. The event was well paced, had good variety, paid tribute to Michael eloquently. Paris's sobbing paean to "the best daddy" at the end set off my waterworks. What a lovely child she is. Michael did a good job raising those kids, apparently, the "dangling Blanket" incident notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Susan, but Al Sharpton got it right. There was a guy Richard somebody in Atlanta accused of being a bomber of some sort. Remember him? They (media and law enforcement) branded him the bomber and for over 15 years it was believed, until finally law enforcement had to appologize for their wrongful accusation. How many people do you think still believe he is guilty (never had a trial)? We do not know if Michael Jackson was or was not a child molester and we never will know because accusers involved were PAID substantial sums to satisfy whatever trauma or not they survived being with the unsexual Micheal Jackson. So yes, it was a strangeness that Michael endured, not only because of the accusations but, of an eccentric lifestyle that we all had become intolerant to.
And yes the service was definitely a wonderful, honorable, classy memorial to a talent we won't see again for a while.
Brenda of Culver City